In the pantry or down the drain?

Time to dish out the verdict in the junk food justice system. Find the top honors and horrors, so that we enjoy our snacks minus the bulge, the fat and the guilt!

Keep in the Pantry

1. Doritos – Baked Nacho Cheese

All the cheesy goodness of Doritos with less oil. It’s delightfully crisp, nacho cheesy and low in calorie and fat. What more can we ask for?

2. Tostitos – Restaurant Style

Made with whole grain and all-natural corn chip, we can almost call it “organic”. Go plain or with salsa and celebrate a Mexican fiesta with every bite!

3. Tostillas – Cheese

Tostillas combines a cheesy treat and killer crunch sans the lethal amount of calories and fat of its local competition. Craving for a different tang? Go for sour cream.

4Cheetos – Baked

Best Cheetos in the cheesy clan, and with 130 calories to boot! Fab thing about it is that it tastes just like its original Cheetos, no kidding!

5. Tortillos – Barbecue

Want a zesty kick? Go for Tortillos and save up to 80 mg of sodium than if you were to munch on Chippy.

Down the Drain

1. Chiz Curls

Failing almost every threshold set by the Lazy Black Cat, it’s time for Chiz Curls to start being straight. We cannot let the future kids reach obesity because the “Powerpuff Girls said so.”

2. Cheetos – Cheese Puffs

Unhealthiest member of the Cheetos family with the salt content that surpasses 300mg. Why bother with the bloat when you can trim down with the baked counterpart?

3. Chippy – Barbecue

Loaded with calories and fat, the original barbecue Chippy may be sappy but also cheap-y! Good thing Jack ‘n Jill came up with Chippy O’s to save brand from nutritional destruction.

4. Chumbos Twirls

Chumbos makes Dumbo seem small in comparison. Don’t let the twirls fool you—180 calories per cup is certainly not peanuts!

5. Humpy Dumpy

Highest in total fat and ranks among top calorie players. Don’t even let us get started on the aroma.

So, what’s in your pantry? Don’t you think it’s time for a bit of  spring cleaning and junk tossing?


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