Easter Junk-Day

The arrival of Easter is best celebrated not by the profusion of painted eggs or atheist bunnies on our backyard, but by the generous and guilt-free indulgence of our gastronomic essentials. There is nothing more motivating than the sight of colorful foil packaging that encloses the zesty and enjoyable crunch that can be attributed solely to junk food. After the Lenten season’s fish-fest, it is time to move on and bring out the real treats!

In the upcoming batch, “Organic” and “Baked” dominate the list making it more fitting for an Easter post

 Mi hermano even dishes out a review for the Southwestern Ranch Baked! Lay’s in an effort to connect with his Hispanic roots (we’re 1/8 Spanish, so he says).

Well, so much for this teaser. Let me end by posting the snacks for review–contents to be devoured in no time, thanks to the long weekend.

Happy Easter!

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