The Carrot Craving

This faux allergy to sugar has driven me at great lengths to curb the sweet craving, without a hint of success. All day long I’ve been imagining cheesecakes, chocolate chip cookies and gelato. At one point I even considered taking home a gallon of cookies and cream ice cream but banished the thought before I actually got the chance to act on it. 

Desperation led me to consider the lesser evil of an alternative: going sugar-free.

Which led me to my post work, blissful indulgence, the Healthy Sugar-Free Carrot Cake by LowCal (P110 perslice). Spotted in Parvati, Trinoma and Mercato Centrale (for the weekend epicures), the Carrot Cake is wonderfully moist and smooth and emancipated from mankind’s favorite compound, sugar. The cream cheese frosting is pleasingly light yet enough to make us forget about those sinister chocolate cravings. The cake itself is jammed with a smorgasbord of fillings—chopped walnuts, pineapples, cinnamon and of course, carrots—that blend well together and create that indomitable dessert. Already a fan of carrot cake, LowCal’s Sugar Free version is by far, superbly baked and maintains the delectably moist aspect that is frequently lost in most commercial cakes. The carrot cake imparts a mild cinnamon-carrot flavor yet still offers a fresh, smooth and satisfying tang of sweetness that every dessert lover searches for. Good thing my search led me to Parvati! 

Hmmm.. what to try next?

By the way, LowCal also offers sugar-free Chocolate Cake at P120—that, I have yet to try. 



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2 responses to “The Carrot Craving

  1. have you tried Chocolat’ chocolate carrot cake? My fave. It’s divine!

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