Meatless Picks at Amici

Finding decent and delectable vegan fares in Manila can be quite the challenge. Ask about the meat content of a particular dish and watch the waiter’s brows go up the high heavens. Continue to probe on the matter and be the talk of the entire kitchen, amidst steaming noodles and filleting knives.

Is that the one?

Oh yes, I am that weird, annoying girl who can’t shut up about meat.

Indeed, I live to pester the lives of Manila’s predominantly carnivorous food industry. After all, you do the same to me.

Manila’s meat-eating hoity toity is one tough force to crack, so rather than rally against your beefy staunchness, I’ve decided to revel in the miniscule meals I find greatly edible. Case in point: AMICI.

Amici’s vastly diverse menu can serve and feed every type of personality in Manila. I’ve found extreme enjoyment in discovering pizza and pasta that are edible, tasty and rather affordable. Not to oily or doughy and devoid of any form of animal, La Vegetariana (3-cheese and roasted veggies) is the ultimate treat for any vegan gourmand. It boasts not of meaty goodness but rather a light, crisp and roasted gastronomic satisfaction that can certainly get a nod from any veggie lover.

La Vegetariana with Parmesan and Chili

Sharing the spotlight on this vegan fare is the Fettucine al Tartufo Classico (Truffle Oil, Button and Shiitake Mushrooms). Bask on the simple flavor of this dish, and let the truffle oil lends its “oomph” factor to this new favorite. Since truffle oil has been winding its way to fries and pizzas, topping it on a classic Fettucine can never go wrong.

Fettucine al Tartufo Classico

Dessert is a luxury that one can afford, and Amici’s rows of colorful gelato flavors are too troublesome to ignore. Hazelnut and Oreo are flavors we might as well do without. Seen everywhere, from grocery snack packs to shakes and cafes, we’re better off with something fruity, light and promising: Mango Jubilee. Sweet, creamy and packed with mucho mango, no wonder it’s named as such. 

Mango Jubilee

Craving for something with a flurry of flavors? The gelato cake can certainly fill that urge. Banana Blast (P110/slice) combines chocolate and strawberry gelato with a banana base and chocolate crust. Each bites is a medley of flavors and textures, and by the time you finish the slice, you’d have banished a month-long craving for dessert.

Banana Blast

It is certainly gratifying to find local spots that offer vegetarian-friendly fares and don’t shun us with an all-meat menu fiasco. Of course for the meat lovers, Amici is just as, if not more so, appealing with its wide range of meaty (read: Prosciutto) pastas and savory pizzas.

Feast away!

Prosciutto e Funghi Pizza


Tutta Carne Pizza

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  1. super love their aglio oli and spinach linguine alla puttanesca! the gelatos are simply divine 🙂

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