Mongolian Noodle Madness

With Christmas roughly 2 months away, it has been decided that frugality be the household norm. With this lingering craving for Mongolian noodles, there was only 1 word to address my yearning: Home-made. The thought alone awakened my inner insomniac, but the challenge was welcomed by my hunger. Hence, armed with Internet recipe printouts, the quick ability to summarize instructions from various sources and the wok, the Mongolian noodles began their journey to cooking perfection. Unfortunately, my kitchen curse has not been lifted, and I had to turn to my Asian heroes of the day: bonito and sesame.

Never underestimate what wonders bonito flakes and roasted sesame seeds can contribute to a simple dish and how they can magically aid the untrustworthy kitchen hazards.

Amazing what these itsy bitsy flavorsome specks did to transform my homemade Mongolian noodles to Awesome Oriental Veggie Delight by Lazy Black Cat. I admit, the Teriyaki Sauce was on the salty-bland side, and the tofu squares were sliced a bit too large. The carrots needed more cooking, and my OCD compelled me to scrimp on the oil and sauce.

However, the vermicelli glistened in its chewy perfection and made up for any potential texture folly. As the bonito flakes lent their legendary flavor to the dish, it was white tea or nothing. (Sadly, no, we do not stock up on sake at home.)



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