Lazy Black Cat: Year One

Lazy Black Cat

Nine lives aside, the Lazy Black Cat is about to reach her first year in blogging existence.  Always hungry I’ve always been, but idle moments have been spent dawdling on a hodge-podge of things that have entered my radar of interest: football, music and grammar. If there is perhaps an ambition I could cite, it would be to dilly-dally and to eat while I’m at it.

To celebrate Year One, don’t expect me to eat more, as I’ve been eating more than my share, and we cannot afford to contribute further to this country’s poor denizens. Instead, I’ve decided to unleash something uncharacteristic and less catty of me—the real me, like the person.

A paw and a name, why not?

After all, it has been decided that the Lazy Black Cat may always be hungry, but will have to well, dilly-dally. As much as it pains me, here goes.

Welcome to the Lazy Black Cat. On this planet, I am also known as J. Anne Gonzales: hungry, catty and stubborn girl, kitchen fire hazard, frugal diner, corporate beagle, pesky insomniac, part vegetarian, and future vegan.

Manila is my hometown, but I do have delusional hopes of living in Tokyo, dining in Greece and retiring in California. My ipod is my constant companion, which provides alternative-indie-rock sustenance. Whoever loves “pop” is banned from my mental list of acquaintances and reduced to a faceless forehead.

I repel red meat from my diet and hope to join PETA once I can finally get over this egg addiction, but while I am still attached to chicken nuggets and ice cream, being part vegetarian brings me closer to this vegan goal. I am willing to denounce my sanity in pursuit of blissful desserts and sweet creations. Those that serve shoddy meals ought to be thrown down the drain, and I will not be afraid to say so.

Football is a fascination that Mizu Luffy brought into existence and somehow piqued my sporting curiosity. To make this claim legit, I name Wayne Rooney of Manchester United as my player of preference and would not hear of any insults or disputes to this blunt choice. While I do not play football yet, it is another goal of mine to perfect the bicycle kick—no goal necessary.

I suppose this is enough to celebrate Year One. It may not be as grand as alleviating poverty or curing cancer, but it’s the thought that counts, and I have a lot of that.

So instead of meowciao!

J. Anne / Jenina Gonzales


If there comes the need to contact me, ask further questions, inquire about things that Google cannot seem to find an answer for or perhaps treat me to an awesome meal (how can I say no to that?) then you may reach me at

There’s also my  Twitter account, if you find the e-mail a tad too corporate: @LazyBlack_Cat



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