Wild, Wild West Coast

People abroad have found it rather odd that I have this fondness for taking photos of food. Hence, to show that I am normal and that I am capable of “balance” in my image selections, I’ve decided to take photos of places and sights as well.

After all, the scenery in Nevada and California is breathtaking and colorful, and I must admit that taking photos can be an irresistible habit. Being a tourist is my excuse, but I am glad I did, since the pictures capture my happy-high moments and are worth looking at a million times.

One thing I learned is that I have this “thing” for clouds. Or the sky perhaps, but I digress. I present my Top 10.

More on the food later.

Covina Hills

Las Vegas


Venetian, Las Vegas

Bellagio, Las Vegas

Paris, Las Vegas

The Strip, Las Vegas

Primm Valley, Nevada-California Boundary

Candy Factory, Universal Studios

Bates Motel Scene, Universal Studios

Rodeo Drive, Los Angeles


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6 responses to “Wild, Wild West Coast

  1. malou delos santos

    J. Anne you’re back! Nice pictures. Pls post food pix

  2. Cool photos! Love that Bugatti Veyron, awesome!

  3. I love that Covina Hills, in fact I love photos with only 1 tree on it

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