Red Velvety Goodness

I have never really figured out how Red Velvet came to be or why it was named as such. Why it’s so strikingly red, when it can be brown or peach colored and renamed as Caramel Velvet? It does have a nice ring to it though, wouldn’t you say?

How about Maroon Mayhem? Indulging!

However Red Velvet has become quite a universal madness, from cupcakes to ice cream to lipstick shades. While I’ve never been that fond of red food, having associated it the Neolithic medium rare steak, I did fancy the Red Velvet Cake from Christina’s Kitchen.

Bought from Parvati (Trinoma), it was 100% red and with no hint of pink. For certain, Revlon would have a hard time replicating such a gorgeous and seamless shade of red. Muy rojo!

As for the “velvet” side of it, the cake was pure smooth and spongy goodness. While not bordering on the heavy cake consistency, it was greatly complemented by its cream cheese frosting. Not too buttery and by no means my-dentist-will-kill-me sweet, the light frosting and soft, light cake create that seamless Red Velvet cake, whose name or color I will never question again.

I’ve never described a cake as seamless, so I suppose this is one makes it to my books.

But I still think that someone ought to consider Maroon Mayhem. You do that, all right?


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6 responses to “Red Velvety Goodness

  1. Reg

    That red velvet looks amazing! Gotta try!

  2. Maroon Mayhem sounds like a band. Haha! I think it’s called Red Velvet because of the cake’s texture.

  3. That looks delicious, awesome colors. And Maroon Mayhem sounds pretty cool!

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