Bubba Gump: Run, Fried Food, Run!

bubba gump greenbelt shrimp

Bubba Gump‘s mission is to spread forth shrimp in all forms of batter, cooking method, shape and dip. But it does have a secondary task – unknown to most –  to bless all diners with an oily fried fiesta – only those sane (and fast) enough should Run, From-the Fried-Food, Run!

Which brings us to the convenience of placing newspaper-cum-blotting-paper on every dish to act as those oil absorbing sheets that do better jobs than the pint-sized Gatsby. If you thought this was mainly for aesthetic purposes and that “My name is Forrest Gump” feel, then bask in your naive ideals. It blots and absorbs all those artery-clogging grease, well enough to make Mama proud.

bubba gump onion rings

The onion rings started the meal, laden with texture and batter, with 3 types of dip. Onion lovers will detest Bubba Gump’s version with its miniscule onion slices, but for the rest who couldn’t care less about onions, this one’s for you. The batter is lip-smacking tangy, folks would eat it on its own. With the oil, don’t forget. 

bubba gump bbq lazy black cat

The ribs + chicken barbecue looked incredibly glossed up, readers would most likely hate me for for taking photos and not a bite. Well I did have a shred of chicken and let’s just say, the sauce does all the work.

bubba gump shrimp sampler lazy black cat

The shrimp platter ( I have no idea what it’s called!) showcased 4 types of shrimp courses, 3 of which were terribly fried and 3 dip varieties, which the waiter meticulously tried to explain like a rambling chef. Unfortunately for him, Instagram was more interesting and had better sense, so in the end, I discarded the dips entirely. 

From what I recall, there was the heavily battered tempura which was blasting with so-so appeal especially without any sauce. Then there’s the coconut batter and what seemed to be the steamed variety, which should appeal for the local taste buds.

With everything fried, including the leviathan fries, this ought to be one of the rare times when a “normal” person would crave for something outrageous like a salad. Trust me.

bubba gump lemonade rum

Or there’s that strawberry lemonade with rum. That should do the trick.

Or you can do as I do, Run to the dessert place, Ruuuuuun!!!

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