A Walk in the North Park

north park jenina gonzales

“Stumbling upon North Park” isn’t catchy as it sounded about 5 years ago, when this sprawling district for dimsum was fresh and just about a rarity. Still, everyone seems to have a soft spot for North Park, half of which might have loved the placemat menus and most probably have a favorite noodle dish from this place.

north park shrimp wanton herb noodles

Speaking of noodles, North Park’s wanton noodles are enough to keep this place busy. Mushrooms and shrimp wanton are the best bet, to be paired with herb or wheat noodles—a highly laudable noodle feast. Healthy, highly digestible and with unlimited calamansi.

north park tea

Going for the more meaty variants—ahem, lechon macau—I leave to the carnivores. Don’t rely on the house tea though to wash away all that sinful fat, since you need more than an entire teapot to get back your coherent self.

north park squid

Appetizers are abound, though squid remains a family favorite.

north park hainanese chicken

Everything was just operating as intended until the Hainanese Chicken (typical) and Spicy XO Seafood Chami came.

north park menu

north park awful noodles timog

That Spicy XO Seafood Chami came complete with a life threatening spicy sauce with crab fat laden creaminess, it was like taking a dose of lechon macau in seafood form. There was nothing XOXO about this dish, and not even the noodles did justice to this strangely irrelevant dish. The flavor was complete incomprehensible and not something you’d classify as a tea treat.

Washing off the taste completely with calamansi is also futile (tried it) and there is no recourse to this except for a short drive to Amici (Tomas Morato) for some strawberry gelato.

Note to self, not to abandon the shrooms ever again for something as lame as chami. Mushrooms and wheat noodles, now that’s a tea treat!

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  1. U8mypinkcookies

    Yumm! Love their noodle soup!

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