Pizza High from Cantinetta

Burgos Circle-Rizal Drive can be an unnerving sphere of lights for the high and hungry. Filtering down the choices to comfort food does not even help a bit. There’s Jozu Kin, Rue Bourbon, Tuscano Italian Wood Oven Pizza and the lure of Sweet Bella.

But when hunger calls, there’s only one dish for the lost, and that’s pizza. Hence, Cantinetta wins.

Cantinetta Four Cheese Pizza Burgos Lazy Black Cat

A rare feat for me would be to ditch salad and pasta altogether, albeit their sinister appeal. Foregoing the likes of Caprese and Canneloni Ricotta e Spinaci was rather uncharacteristic, but no regrets as to their replacements.

Being our self-imposed Pizza Night at Cantinetta, it was mandatory to order only the pizza that would give that absolute high.

The Quattro Formaggi and Fontina Porcini e Tartufo were selected based on cheese content, vegan friendliness and yes, more cheese – and there’s also the case of the truffle oil as for the latter.

Cantinetta Pizza Burgos J.Anne Gonzales

So as not to spoil every bit of detail to those who have yet to dine at Cantinetta, let me skip the small talk on the dough (light and chewy, I could finish the entire serving), ambience and service (bene).

The pizza, though, is graced with a generous spread of cheese, I would imagine dreaming of this dairy vision for weeks. The Four Cheese seems to be a subset of the Porcini-Truffle pizza (yes let me call them by their English names, please) but are equally delightful. The mushrooms and truffle oil lend a gourmet flavor to the pizza, making this pizza preference surpass every bit of potential pasta choices I earlier had. The crust by no means hinders the overall flavor, as it is light and crunchy, yet chewy towards the center.

Next time, should we be less vicious in our appetite, that caprese and canneloni deserve a chance on our plates.

A dopo, Cantinetta! Yes we got stoned from all that pizza but no references to the other green stuff.

(A dopo = See you later!) Shame on you.

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