California Salad Kitchen

Sometime I wonder if I could just stick to being a salad blogger, you know, hop in the green bandwagon and wave off that organic finger while I’m at it.

Imagine, my order would usually end at page 1 of the menu, right next to appetizers. I could spend the rest of my idle time, tapping my fingers in disdain as my companions decide on poultry or fish, what siding to go with that or if it ought to be whole wheat or flour. Make up your mind, someone’s hungry!

cpk trinoma

At California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) which I would like to rename CS (salad) K since I partook in no form of pizza during my last visit, hence leaving me with guilt should I use the word pizza. Pizza? Pizza!

Salad chosen was the Original Bbq Chicken Chopped Salad because Mexican was my craving, and the salad’s smorgasbord of toppings ought to emulate any form of fiery fiesta flavor! Well fiery is a bit of an overstatement, but the smorgasbord sums it up: jack cheese, tortilla strips, chicken, tomatoes, green onions, black beans, cilantro, corn, etc.

The presentation was so coherently managed, I ended up eating black beans and corn – which I normally hate ingesting in real life. The overall dressing is ranch, but the chicken is doused with a barbecue sauce so when you mix the entire batch, you get a sweet-herb-creamy dressing that guarantees fullness that warrants no need for any form of dessert, calorie and waistline-wise.

CPK trinoma salad chicken

Overall, the salad’s effort at presenting a Mexican masterpiece fares better than other local versions, since it partially captures the “original” tangy chicken flavor and the cilantro effect is amazing. Chopped and ready-to-eat, it makes solo eating quite fun and effortless.

For not craving any more pizza, mozzarella sticks or pasta, other than this festive salad, I’d say this dish is quite the success in the salad-only pursuit. Price-wise, it may be a bit steep, but this can be addressed by some beggar jobs on the side.

All for salad. You know I’d do anything just for the greens.

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