Rise of the Reichelt

Azkals and Global FC right winger Patrick Reichelt has been around since ’12, but it was only recently that we got the chance to finally corner (not the kick) him for an interview. Being gracious to our half German guest, we resisted questions on sauerkraut and pumpernickel, and instead focused on the important matters, his football career and what Rammstein (the band) meant when they were singing “Du hast” over and over.  

With questions answered and more insight on how Patrick Reichelt plays his game, we came up with Rise of the Reichelt. An interesting read for those who have yet to discover Patrick, and all the more reason to root for Global FC at the Emperador Stadium – no alcohol pun intended.

No sausages were harmed or eaten during this interview, so please proceed to the nearest deli in case you are feeling hungry. 

Again, the article is first seen in the Azkals website, co-authored by domo-kun (Miji Gonzales).

Du hast,

J. Anne

PAtrick Reichelt Miji J. Anne Gonzales

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