Surprise Quiz(nos)

Quiznos J.Anne Gonzales

For the longest time I thought of Quiznos as a Mexican joint. Blame the Q and the fact that it sounds like quezo and Quezacotl, the latter of which happens to be a Final Fantasy summon and not a Latin myth as the name might subtly hint.

Since my meek purchase was the salad, this ought to be short and bittersweet. Should I be back in school, this is how I will define Quiznos’ USP: Sandwiches substandard to Subway with no interest in gardening, greens anything that grows from seeds.

Quiznos Fort Jenina

Having painstakingly stared at the menu for quite a long bit, bordering on stalker ogling which did not fit my short dress, I came to the conclusion that Quiznos is a haven for the carnivorous sandwich eaters; everyone else is doomed to starve.

Quiznos sandwiches

Of course they have the option of salad, which I suspiciously fell prey to. Fairly cheap, small bowl, tossed salad and minimal toppings, the Caesar dressing was average but way better than the supermarket variety. Tossed with cheese and chicken bits, this was all right as a siding. If I had been in my hungry self though, normal capacity would be 3 bowls at roughly a total of P250.

Fort Quiznos Lazy Black CAt

Of course at P250 I could always go for a sandwich, but wait, I forgot, everything has meat in it! Even this chicken variant managed to sneak in some bacon for that carbonara effect. How unkind to veggies.

So for this veg-cat, au revoir to Quiznos—which unfortunately has a branch near my Eastwood office. And no Subway.

I guess it’s just me and Quezacotl for now.



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3 responses to “Surprise Quiz(nos)

  1. U8mypinkcookies

    I didn’t find anything special 😦

  2. Cathy

    what do you mean “And no subway” at the end? Do you mean that it’s not like Subway or you dont know there’s subway in eastwood? just curious… 😀

    • Hmm.. it’s not like Subway and since I was new in Eastwood (still am), I spotted no Subway in my building’s immediate vicinity (immediate = very very short walking distance). Eastwood Excelsior is already a long walk for me. =)

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