Chicken & Beer (Literally)

Hearing “chicken and beer” as my first-day-at-work break lingo was a pleasant shocker, which then turned to delight. Awesome, wasted before the day ends! I love this job.

That relishing moment, though, ended in a jiffy, since it finally came to reality that Chicken and Beer is a place and not a lunchtime practice of my new corporate mates. Ah well at least a moment of sheer amusement managed to perk me up, and everybody loves chicken, including me.

Chicken and Beer Eastwood

Chicken and Beer (Eastwood) manages a second floor joint with servers that make that dizzying bow whenever they approach customers. It feels sadistic to have them do that even when just asking for water, and boy do I drink a lot. It’s torture for the patrons too, having to watch their 90-degree front bends that are nothing graceful or the slightest Korean.

To be honest I did not order the chicken meals and combos—which from staring at the menu I gathered are offered with various kinds, cooking method (grilled or fried) with sidings (chap chae, rice, coleslaw) and presentation (rice meal, bento box). The chicken just did not seem that appealing, and judging from the plates of my companions, they thought so too.

Nearly tempted to order the pasta, I still opted for the salad, which at its price of over P200, I thought would be a hefty serving for hungry old me. The Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken ought to be a collective serving, but when it came with the white bread croutons and miniature chicken bits, I already wondered what I would be having for me next meal. Soon.

Eastwood J.Anne Gonzales

If the serving size was not bad enough, the plate was drenched in Caesar dressing that ranks substandard and reeks of shoddy substance and the toppings were totally third world. The chicken, in particular, which should be the crowning glory of this dish, was a raw piece of disaster. Whenever I spy a bit of pink in my chicken, it brings me one step closer to being a pure pescatorian.

Given a generic restaurant name, what is there to expect but generic service and servings. With Bon Chon just about everywhere (in Eastwood too) and its awesome Chap Chae, Caesar salad and of course chicken, why the need for beer, huh? 


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