Cucina Andare: What the Truck!

Coming across Cucina Andare at the Glorietta open area was kismet; closing hours evicted mallrats and drove them to the open field. From afar the vicinity appeared like a lackluster Sunday congregation, but the sweet smoke from barbecued somethings said otherwise.

Cucina Andare has the same vibe as the usual Mercato/Mezza Norte stalls, since not all fares are offered from trucks. While I was scouring for anything Mexican or green, my gastronomic senses failed me, or maybe it was because I just hated looking up to read the menu. With this imaginary neck brace, there was no choice but to seek refuge in the tent of stalls.

No mother trucker for now anyway. Not until I get this laziness fixed.

Sen Lek Lazy Black Cat

At the sight of the pad thai stall, my earlier quests were dispelled. Forget the greens and cheese, the noodles supersede my prior demands—as I am going through the pad thai phase which hopefully will end in the next quarter unless poverty gets the better of me.

To simplify things—yes I like the proprietor’s thinking—there is only one variant (pad thai with chicken and shrimp) and a fixed price (P100). Away with the menus and the do-you-want-chicken-or-shrimp conundrums. Promote efficiency so that the chef need not think much and revert to his mindless musing. Less sweat too.

Sen Lek J.Anne Gonzales

The pad thai is rather hefty in its wee bowl and the toppings are grandly selected: chicken, shrimp, egg, tofy, green onion and bean sprouts. Topped with garlic, peanuts and sugar as a final offertory (I preferred to abstain from the last 2 items) this is one steaming bowl of thai bliss. With all flavors present but not that overpowering, this is quite a catch for a locally prepared pad thai.

Sen Lek J.Anne Gonzales

Having no place to sit we ended up feasting on the grass. Carabao grass, sans the ants and other biological matter. What the truck, this was probably why I’m going for seconds the next time around!


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