Rue is Me! (Rue Bourbon)

I give myself a huge DUH on the forehead. Not an “L” but a duh. The Homer “Doooh!” could do too. As the name suggests Rue Bourbon is that place where you go Friday night for drinks, finger food and more drinks. It is not, I repeat, NOT, a place you expect to get your salad fill. What part of Rue Bourbon suggests veggie shots? Nada.

eastwood restaurant

Still, the name Rue was so catchy—the word synonymous to regret and lament—a visit was necessitated. Forget that the second word with twice as more syllables (and characters) happens to be Bourbon.

ancho ranch salad eastwood

With the “green” selection close to nil, there was no choice but to idiotically order the Ancho Ranch Salad with Buffalo Fried Shrimp. Idiotically, because the salad was sprinkled with bacon, I had to fish out the leaves at the bottom of the pack, which was not that many. The serving was small for its price, and despite this burgeoning of shrimp at the top, credit must be given to the Cajun batter—thick, crisp and zesty. It is the flavor that you know is so tangy, it must be filled with ingredients you would rather not inquire about. No wonder this place is a drinking haven.

eastwood lazy black cat

The Bayou, properly named, was a marchland of grease and batter. To those who do not know me, you might as well not date me and order the Bayou at the same time, because will have to learn the hard way how annoyingly obsessive I could get with the batter. The batter, in this case, makes up 50% of everything; we ended up filling a bowl with fried batter from the calamari, fish, shrimp and 4 giant onion rings. The Bayou may be a savory seafood serving, but it is also a breaded bayou of grease. Eat with caution, or then again, drown with drinks!

Being sober 100% of the time, I spied the grease and small servings of the food groups that matter in our biological system being served all over the place. But I can’t blame Rue, after all, health food isn’t in its menu and everyone seems to know that. Well I do too now.

Before getting  kicked out for leaving batter all over the place, a graceful exit was the only way to save face, and yes, stretch! With proper company and drinks, Rue Bourbon will certainly be the tee-totaler’s place of preference.

As for those seeking the greens, our quest continues.



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3 responses to “Rue is Me! (Rue Bourbon)

  1. Nice post! This is not spam, you know why? Because I read nearly this whole post near to the end. I enjoy your post, it’s really nice. Continue the work.
    I’m also trying to get my blog around, so would you check out my blog? I’m just a 13 year old that expresses his daily life dramatically or in an entertaining manner. Plus, my blog is a “freedom of speech” blog, so you may type whatever you want in the comments and I will not edit! Thanks! A follow would be MUCH appreciated. 🙂 Bye!

    • Hey Andrew, glad you enjoyed my rueful post! Checked your blog (briefly) but will browse more once I get some sleep. If you hadn’t told me you were 13 years old, I’d have thought you were older with the amazing way you write. Keep it up!

  2. I did enjoy your ‘rueful’ post. 😀
    And thanks for checking my blog and giving it a chance.
    And thanks! I’m glad my writing seems a lot more mature! Thanks for the compliment. Hopefully I’ll see you following my blog! 🙂

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