Starbucks Asian Dolce Latte + Classic Tuna Dill Melt

starbucks landmark

Coffee may be made up of beans (aka plants, Mother Nature’s ill begotten son) but that doesn’t make me a coffee connoisseur. If any, I am the anti-thesis of a cup of joe (bitchy and bland), which makes my non possession of the most coveted Starbucks planner my secret pride.

starbucks coffee manila

How I ended up with the newly introduced Starbucks Asian Dolce Latte is a long story filled with tardiness run-ins, barista showdowns and arm balancing acts. Quite adventurous but not worth the narration.

To cut this epic short, I found a coupon for a buy-one-take-one Asian Dolce Latte redeemable at the Trinoma branches and since the Bakemon has been triggering my insomnia, this was just perfect.

Let me explain the complexity of the drink: Asian because it is being launched only in Asia, Dolce for this sweet milk concoction that was made for the Asian taste (except me because I hate sweet) and Latte because of the milk composition—non fat thank you very much. The Asian part is stressed because the espresso shots are double the amount because Asians need to perk up because we tend to rise early and work hard. Of course that was a joke because as far as I know, I’m one heck of a lazy cat and no amount of caffeine will turn me into a powerhouse employee of the month.

To properly assess the drink, I only have a line to impart: A strong dose of rich coffee coupled with the sweet velvety and creamy milk close to condensed; it is best paired with eggs or plain toast in the morning. That’s what I think, though I paired mine with a hefty tuna-cheese-lettuce-egg sandwich on wheat with loads of mustard. Perfection.

starbucks to go

Of course being the usual sadist to myself, I ordered my Asian Dolce Latte in reduced form because I feared the cream would cause a sensation in the toilet. So here’s what I really ordered (customized), but to enjoy this unadulterated, do not ever copy me:

One grande iced Asian Dolce Latte, no whipped cream, half the dolce for the 100% lazy J.Anne, to go!

Will I ever buy this drink again? Maybe if a coupon magically finds itself in my back pocket. But if say, magic isn’t for real (it is, right?), then I’d best off use my P160 for the Starbucks Classic Tuna Dill Melt.

tuna dill melt sandwich manila

I warn you though that the Classic Tuna Dill Melt is not for everyone, especially those who hate boiled egg!

classic tuna dill melt philippines

 That killer sandwich on what tasted like rye bread contains tuna dill salad, egg, cheese inside and mozzarella cheese on top (flavored with paprika). For me, this is Lenten Friday protein salvation for the suffering. It beats the grilled cheese sandwich when I’m looking for that “something else” inside and the egg-cheese combination makes its properly filling.

For those who can’t stand the sight (and taste) of that hardboiled egg yolk, give it to me instead!

I promise to pray for you in return.

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