Crepe Me Out (La Creperie)

crepe dessert quezon city

If you are a frustrated princess, there are only two places where you could fulfill that fantasy sans the crown, tiara and killer scepter: La Creperie and Vanilla Cupcake Company. There’s also Etude House, but the ladies in waiting don’t serve tea and only call you princess out of spite and their job performance review.

eastwood restaurant

We visited La Creperie in Eastwood not because of dreams of extravagance or royalty—I would rather be a vampire than wear a petticoat—but because Tous Les Jours does not serve cakes by the slice, and we were in need of a sugar fix. At 9 in the evening. There are just some days when you do and when it comes, saying no will just set you on fire.

eastwood crepe

And so to bring this sugar high to the extreme, I ordered what I normally shouldn’t 2 hours before bedtime and at this day and age, must not, when I do not have an actual sport to burn off all the ingested fat: Mango Hazelnut au Chocolat. Nutella, chocolate crepe and caramel sauce make a triple threat to my being but “no” cannot be the option. Finish the crepe to the last morsel, and I did.

tea eastwood

This was a satisfying soft bundle of chocolate and nutella, with actual fruit that just as well, burst with sugar. It can certainly bring anyone to a sugar high, brought to a pump of moderation with La Creperie’s pricey tea (Paris Singapore by TWG). The price you have to pay for the kettle, I know. But what can I do, bring my own Lipton? *lightbulb flashes*

crepe eastwood

Seemingly, the Strawberry Mango Jubilee in front of me was a fruity frenzy, complete with a soupy atmosphere (that was the orange rum sauce) that was a bit more expensive than my triple choco threat. Still, if I would stuff myself silly with sugar and starch, I might as well go all the way with syrupy sweet chocolate and nutella—the works. Anything with a hint of citrus is just screaming with Vitamin C, and this is why we take multivitamins in the morning.

tea eastwood

And so, La Creperie is that dainty place where you bring your besties for a bit of tete-a-tete or long lost friend for a reunion with teabags to drown those tears.

And if still you don’t get high from all that caffeine, sugar and story-swapping, then I suggest dropping a kettle on the floor. That ought to do the trick. 

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