The Spiral Never Ends


I may be lazy and always hungry but I would never lie, especially when reporting about a Sunday brunch at Spiral, Sofitel. Sure, we had to go through aunti-pathy and heinous methods to earn our way to that golden meal but it was worth all the torture. The taste of fresh parmegiano brought me to nirvana.spiral-sofitel-jenina-gonzales

The 21 Ateliers is what earned Spiral its bragging rights in the buffet business. It would be silly and unrealistic of me to rummage through and collect a wee bit of something from each of the 21 though, because contrary to popular belief, I am not a hoarder. If it were my last meal on Earth then I would most probably focus on the items that matter most to my life. And so if you were expecting an atelier-by-atelier detailed analysis, go find Our Awesome Planet or an indiscriminate blogger.



Because I will not post any photo of my foie gras (actually the top photo shows the raw form, find it!) though I did manage to sample a Nerds-size morsel. I may have said last day on Earth but I still remain to be a boring vegetarian.


Who ate my cheese?


The cheese and cold cuts cold station with push buttons built for the art thief is so resplendent, I had to go for seconds. The Mona Lisa could live and thrive here and yes, she will get really fat but happy. The hard cheeses especially were so spectacularly cut and served, it was imperative to incorporate them in my subsequent meals.

Green Streak


Lettuce, caviar and all sorts of raw materials could create any salad you desire in Spiral. I settled for the Caesar dressing which was all right but with a smorgasbord of  shrimp, caviar, cheese (again), seafood, and broccoli (stolen from the Indian station), it became the salad a la lazy black cat once again. Meow!


Delhi-cious Delights


The North Indian station was barely visited which made it double attractive to me. Abound with lentils, curry, paneer, papadom and chappati—it was a New Bombay fest of all sorts. Best of all, it was a vegetarian haven, or so I was told though there were chicken dishes.

Truffling Situation


While I couldn’t dabble in the pasta lair for fear of OD’ing on the carbs, at best I tried a platter of the spinach gnocchi, that parmesan thing with truffle cream sauce. Add in a bit of cheese from my abundant cheese platter and voila, pasta perfection.


Italian Job


The pizza ovens were fantastic and the aroma memorable but I settled for the lapu-lapu (baked) and cheese-topped lobster (baked again). A bit on the dry side, still the fish was worth returning for.

Asian Invasion



You will probably hate me for NOT having visited the popular spots in our very own region. I admit, the Chap Chae was tempting, and so were the tempura, ramen, noodles, dumplings (I had the vegetable ewwwness), peking duck, more dumplings, kimchi and teppanyaki (which I heard was divine) but I got stuck in Europe and decided to park there till dessert. Told you I was a picky eater.

Like Tea for Chocolate


The dessert station was the inevitable pitstop, and calorie counting was forbidden. The Paris Brest deserved the highest award and was the only cake I had for seconds. Hazelnut and chocolate mousse combined—more of Paris BEST!


The carrot cake was not so bad given its bland-moist composition, while the dark chocolate truffle and Spiral chocolate chip cookies made superb toppings for my strawberry-chocolate ice cream combination. Glad I did not indulge in the Asian carbs since it was the sweets that made my Spiral brunch the best heist ever.

So, do you still think I’m boring?


I considered forcing this as my pre-birthday brunch but fate reproves those that plan and so I was reduced to a mere mortal. Ah well, I have 8 more lives anyway.



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