Pes-Tokyo Bubble Tea Dinner

trinoma japanese food

Creamy pesto is a sat-fat binge I can only afford on special occasions when I feel immune to dairy. Munch punching the menu of the newly opened Tokyo Bubble Tea in Trinoma was promising since they offer the Tori Pesto Spaghetti amongst other Japanese delights. Despite the lure of the Seafood Udon and Scallop Pasta, stubbornness led to la fee verte.

Sprinkled with nori strips, drizzled with wasabi-mayo and topped with chicken Yakitori slices, the Tori Pesto Spaghetti was a trip to Tokyo obesity. This was discounting the fact that the sauce was already creamy pesto, well balanced and mixed on un-al dente noodles. All in all it was hmmm-kay, given the small serving and attempts at creating a manga epic out of this dish presentation. The flavor was largely created from a smorgasbord of Saizen-Konbini products, so the Japanese flair is fairly evident.

lazy black cat japanese food

To add to your disappointment, I had water to drink so don’t expect any bubbly beverage reviews.

The yakisoba was so-so, yet the unnamed rice dish seemed to delight Ossan. I am partly grateful to Tokyo Bubble Tea for its sprightly ambience and free wifi and so instead of Sayonara, I say Ja ne (see you later!)


They do have a Green Tea Cake I have yet to try, ja ne!

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