What’s Going on, Global FC

Philippines football players lazy black cat

As Carlito de Murga would put it, “Dios mio!” Si!

We’ve had quite a string of Global FC-related interviews, the summer happened, laziness crept in and well, food bashing came and out was football.. Not!

As a weekly denizen of Emperador Stadium, it is time to update our (Miji x J.Anne)  list of football features. I have been busy, and not just with pancake attacks and broccoli wars, but also with bleachers, boys and yes, the inevitable balls (plural, mind you).

But with the President’s Cup bringing us back on track, I present my nearly forgotten list:

Patrick Reichelt Global FC

Fasten Your Reichelt

First off was the uber special Patrick Reichelt who got 2 features from me and Miji, one for the Azkals site and the other for Global FC—a task more challenging than finding a new job (seriously)!

We started 2013 with this Fil-German winger and continue to get delighted with Kiki’s fabulous assists and moves. Truly he’s on the rise, this Reichelt guy. Heil Patrick!

global fc coach miji j.anne gonzales interview president's cup

Scot Session

Next was Coach Brian Reid, who, now that I mention it, is rather special too; the coach got his own spread on my blog. WordPress can get tough at times, but Brian is tougher (by a mile) so painstakingly finishing the layout is something I can afford to offer him. After all the Scotsman paid praise to my Scottish accent, and how can I refuse that kind of compliment?

So if anyone asks you for a Scot Session, by all means, say “Aye!” and never look back.

j.anne miji interview ben starosta for global fc

Brit it on

Then came Big Ben Starosta who’s big, British and the self-proclaimed popstar of Sheffield. What a fun guy this was, and so amusing that we chose the dainty Cake Club (BHS) to hold that boisterous interview.

In the end, so aptly named, courteous and missing his tea, we can only wish Ben more brill times in the country (and not just his new fave Cebu).

feature LGR j.anne miji gonzales azkals jersey

The Winning Pair

Lastly, we had the strangest choice for a feature: LGR, the athletic garments supplier of Global FC. In short, you say jersey, we say LGR. Rhayan Cruz, the R in LGR, has been put to the spotlight with our SWOT analysis questions (sorry mate, MBA times). I nearly came up with the title Dress to Possess but it makes absolutely no sense to a footy outsider.

Whatever title we used though, it doesn’t matter because LGR rules the pitch just as well as the team, and so good luck with the winning pair! Especially in the coming President’s Cup in Cebu this May.

And thank you for the jersey that finally solved my identity crisis. Meet player #23 LAZY BLACK CAT.

I wonder when I will be featured.

jenina anne gonzales jersey footballglobal FC jersey lazy black cat j.anne gonzales

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