In the HEAT of Battle

heat edsa shangri la

Best way to spend summer is in Heat, not in a seductive way. More of gastronomic.

Heat (EDSA Shangri-la) with its brilliant buffet spread is the best way to enjoy summer, way better than swimming, sun bathing and cooking combined! Being the sarcastic vegetarian, you can never expect me to come up with a fairly decent and comprehensive review for a buffet—but to talk about what I ate, I got that covered.

manila buffet jenina

While I swore to abstain from eating salad, I could not stay away from the greens. Picking up anchovies, shrimps, lobster, assorted cheese (emmenthal, luv!), squash curry (seriously) and walnuts from other stations, I created one mega pesto salad.

Best part of the meal was my self-concocted squid ink pasta with pesto, shrimp, various cheeses and lobster on the side. This warranted seconds but I was viciously eyeing the cheesecake so the lone serving ought to suffice. Lone yet the stuff that dreams of made of.

Heat buffet mandaluyong

A taste of laksa was all I needed to crave it for another day, but too much of that coconut milk was again, a hindrance to my ultimate dessert goal. Next time, laksa!

I had quite a fill of the lobster that seemed to pour from Poseidon’s basket. What a gracious gesture for any pescatorian.

For some outrageous reason, my plate gathered no stocks from the Chinese food section—especially the boring crispy fish that seemed to run out every time I ventured to that place. So I frequented the place that seemed to welcome me the most, cheese! I do love cheese and it felt wonderful to find a block present at all times.

dessert buffet manila

Buffet hotel philippines

The dessert stations were always filled with buzzing folks, I was just glad I got my hands on some pastries that ran out by the time we officially ended our meal. (Indeed, I snuck out in between main courses to pluck what seemed to be chocolate mousse/ganache (?) and panna cotta) on shot glasses.) the flourless chocolate cake was endless, a bit dry but acceptable as it went well with the ice cream.

heat edsa shangrila ice cream

My own concoction consisted of strawberry-chocolate ice cream, flourless chocolate cake-brownie-almond parfait. A wicked end for a satisfying meal.

It seems that when in Heat, best way to chill is just to eat like a lazy black cat. No stomach ache guaranteed. Just one smile that wouldn’t leave.  



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2 responses to “In the HEAT of Battle

  1. Ooohh added this to our to-visit list. 🙂
    What’s the price for the buffet?

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