So Slap Me! (Slappy Cakes)

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Cooking pancakes is a skill I am least capable of, next to sign language and texting while driving. Even with Aunt Jemima’s big motherly love, I have created poorly shaped, stiff as cement and just “blech” quality pancakes, if there is any quality at all to my work.

So finding myself in Slappy Cakes, make-your-own pancake mecca, remains to be a conundrum.

 pancake menu slappy cakes

However I found myself not being a fire hazard to the place and painstakingly spending time with my  fancy creations. Perhaps it was that nasty griddle that made cooking life an easy peasy task.

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Yes my dear Watson and readers, there is available syrup on the table.

jenina gonzales pancake 

Slappy Cakes is that place wherein you actually pay a premium to make your own pancakes (your choice of batter, fixins, syrup and toppings). The result is a dish you can never complain about—because you made it yourself! That’s the catch!

 buttermilk whole grain pancake batter

They give you a 225 oz bottle where you squirt, slap and paint the griddle with whatever you fancy. Splatter it with your choice of toppings and eat like a messed up kid.

slappy cakes manila

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Being plain weird, I chose the whole grain batter with chocolate chips. The result is a chocolate chip-digestive pancake that was not too sweet but was soft (and slightly undercooked as I was hungry). Many may dislike my multigrain choice for its gritty and slightly salty taste but I liked it just fine.

lazy black cat manila pancake

I may be lazy, but I make a mean Chocolate Chip Digestive.

The buttermilk batter with combo #1: Blueberry and Lemon Curd seemed to satisfy my companion but claims it was enhanced by the toppings and syrup (there is free syrup on the table which will do if you are not from Canada anyway and in demand of the real maple syrup). Hence, without these sweet add-ons, the batter on its own might be on the bland side.

 pancake multigrain blueberry manila

I agree. If the batter was so good, then this should be batter heaven and Slappy Cakes would not make as much money from its bacon, sour cream, white cheese, maple syrup, blueberry, bananas, etcetera. Mr. Slappy would go poor from selling batter alone and as they say, a pancake isn’t a pancake without the “others”.

Okay I just made that up.

pancake manila slappy cakes make your own

J for “Jemima Wannabe”

There is a vegan batter that is also available, not to mention eggs and potatoes. Back to the vegan batter, I wonder how it will taste and if I could pair it with mushrooms and white cheese. If ever that concoction proves to be a gastronomic success, then it would be my turn to slap anyone!

make your own pancake philippines

When we TRY to be creative, we end up eating raw, burnt or just oddly shaped items.

Seriously, that vegan batter—I JUST HAVE TO TRY! I will be getting green dreams until then.

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