Falling off the Mango Tree

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First time I ate at Mango Tree, I was up high in Thai bliss I even came up with an equally action packed title, Swinging by the Mango Tree  (@BGC).

That was because I ate for free.

The second time around, the experience was not rocking, rolling, or even swinging; it was not even close to repeating! Yep you guessed it right, I paid for my meal, this time at Mango Tree Bistro Trinoma.

Me, the thrifty semi vegetarian paid quite a price for this meal, so it was far from swinging by the tree and more of digging for spare change. With an economy like this, it’s time I embrace the Third World, live in acceptance and spend in penury.

The cost of my meal could feed a family of 10 in today’s GDP and so forgive my extravagance. As a form of penance I will abstain from milk tea for 10 days, a day for each family member.

And to think all I had was the Pomelo Salad, Pad Thai Jay and Red Chicken Curry.

trinoma salad thai restaurant

The Pomelo Salad has quite the complex presentation, with its pomelo-shrimp headdress, lettuce bed, onions, carrots and a smorgasbord of dressing flavors. Enough to battle with a Sinulog mask, it was very exquisite tasting and a creation of marvel. Even pomelo haters will be awed by this construction. However for the penny pinchers, you are probably better off eating a pomelo drenched in ACV and a wee bit of lettuce—roughly the same banana!

quezon city thai food restaurant

Pad Thai Jay offers the vegetarian pad thai but with the egg net that egg-maniacs can’t say no to. This elaborate 80s ‘do is also probably the reason why the dish costs quite a lot for mere rice noodles—unless inflation has reached only the fish sauce industry at this awful proportion! I understand the pomelo but pad thai? While the noodles were delectable and very enriching, I believe it’s time to finally learn how to cook my own pad thai jay.

jenina gonzales blog food

The chicken in red curry was—how do I say this without sounding so lame—ho-kay.  It was positively mediocre—the chicken chunks were standard, the curry was mildly spicy but could do more with that curry tang. There were vegetables swimming in the same sauce but were the least enticing. While the curry went well with the savvy noodles, they would surely do well with rice—note for the rice eaters, a vast group that dropped me off their subscription list.

While the dishes were extensively and craftily made, those seeking to protect their pockets are probably better off dining elsewhere. If you’re on a date though, well that’s another story. But if flying solo, don’t fall off the mango tree like me.

Learn to cook pad thai at home—or in my case—go one flight up, Banana Leaf!


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