No-no to Momo Cafe!

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I always referred to “Momo” as “GF landmark of Eastwood Mall”. Quite right. Which makes sense that on my last day in our Eastwood office, Momo Cafe would be the venue of my gastronomic finale.

Jumping to the end of this experience, I have come to the conclusion that the place ought to have been named No-no and that if I were to be asked for a landmark for Eastwood Mall it would be MAC and My Thai. Nono? Oh no.

quezon city eastwood mall restaurant

Firstly the Momo Gourmet Salad was supposed to be a leviathan serving enough to feed the hungry poor. I was both hungry and poor but did not feel an ounce of gourmet satisfaction from this grieving little array. Was it the overly sweet raspberry vinaigrette, the seeming lack of toppings or that sad excuse for a salad? For its price, it was a shameful forest of greens with a minority in everything good and delicious! Big serving—oh no! More of “stay hungry, you little tramp!” No gourmet for you!!

Momo Cafe Eastwood review

I just had no choice but to order the San Francisco Style Seafood Pesto Cream Linguine, which the server gave a disclaimer: Wala po itong pesto. Red sauce ito. “There’s no pesto here. This is red sauce.”

Hunger made me say yes, but after nearly one hour of waiting, I began dreaming of red. Apparently, Mr.-Pesto-is-Red-Sauce went for a break and never ordered my order, leaving me in the red. What an awful experience for an equally awful plate of pasta. Actually it was mediocre—the noodles were soggy and there was no hint of basil or anything worth writing about. The sauce was something that can be cooked in 5 minutes or less, so my 50-minute wait, sans any form of consolation or apology, makes me scream, “No-no to Momo!

Anger aside, the meal was less than mediocre and why people line up for this place will forever strike me as odd.

Boy am I glad to leave Eastwood, especially with a Momo closing episode. It’s like Eastwood just kicked me out, and well and good—because with forgetful servers who don’t have a care in the world, I don’t care about coming back as well. Hell no! Oh no. Just go.



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2 responses to “No-no to Momo Cafe!

  1. trying to check out restaurants in eastwood and thinking to dine here. Suddenly had a change of mind

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