Yabu: The House of Cat-su

japanese restaurant katsu

I can really think of a lot of jokes that revolve around Yabu. Add in the House of Katsu part and you’ve got yourself a comic fest. Bu-ya! Okay, I will stop now.

While I understand that Yabu: House of Katsu has been around for quite some time, I have never really visited the place because someone once told me:

“You have nothing to eat there! You don’t eat rice and pork—you’ll only eat the cabbage that’s free!”

Well partly true, but that’s getting ahead of my story.

Katsu japanese makati

Yabu, true to its household name is a place for katsu. However, it serves other forms of meat and seafood and so, caters to a larger market base, including vegetarians, pescatorians and this new breed we call children. It offers katsudon and curry, kiddie meals and edamame!

Tempted to get Chicken Salad + Edamame for the appetizer combo, we ended up with nil because the Glorietta 5 branch apparently did not have edamame. And I thought Ayala Malls were going green. No more appetizer.

Being a glutton, I ordered my own set. I’ve observed couples sharing a set/meal—probably because they are rice eaters, rice eaters on a budget or are just on a diet—but I like to keep the bento tray to myself. #selfishglutton

vegetarian japanese food

Of course that doesn’t mean my order was all that great. The Vegetarian Katsu Set is probably the last thing you will order in Yabu’s entire menu. Heck you’d probably stuff yourself with goma sauce than eat vegetables, which include a wee eggplant, a naked bell pepper and “where’d that tofu go?” silken tofu strips x 2.

Without the cabbage to fill me up, I’d say this vegetarian meal was not too great and quite a rip off for someone who’s used to eating vegetables by the hordes.

Let’s not forget the other components of the set: miso soup (not bad), pickles (eww), fruit (watermelon slices, so-so), unli rice (bye) and unli cabbage (Love it!).

I had 3 refills of the unlimited cabbage strips. 3 dressings are made available (goma, shoyu, and wasabi).  There was also a dollop of this spicy Japanese mustard on the katsu plate and the katsu sauce itself—and all these made their way in my nasty cabbage nest. This cabbage patch was what made my meal #awesomeandgreen and #totallysatisfying. Add in a #megaburp too!

chicken japanese makati

Perhaps next time I should really try its core meal like Chicken Katsu or Oroshi Katsu (in photo), huh?

Seeing how divinely full my companions were, I’d say I made the wrong choice (#feelingdiet). Should there be a next time, I’d go for chicken, dory and an egg.

I did say I was a selfish glutton.

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