TORCH that Diet!

Torch restaurant review

Torch is supposed to be this comfort food hang-out, but it was really funny because when we first visited their U.P. Town Center branch, it was filled with properly clad seniors and a backpacking baby—we literally stuck out like a sore pinky. Us, in our near pambahay-hipster garb and bagong gising look, the supposed cherished target market.

lazy black cat quezon city food

Anyhow, we still managed to get ourselves seated, perhaps proving ourselves financially capable by means of good English, proper courtesy and my brother’s wolf tattoo + mine combined. #feelingbadassagain

bottomless nachos torch

With BOTTOMLESS NACHOS as the first item to welcome my hungry eyes, it was inevitable, without another second of breath or thought  that we go for. DUH, BOTTOMLESS NACHOS. It was that or get out and stay out.

With the bottomless nachos comes the expected bottomless salsa. Unlike Chili’s similar counterpart, Torch serves its corn nachos on the thicker side, like Orale Mexican Taqueria at the Fort. You don’t get a crisp (like Chili’s), it’s more of a massive crrrrruunch and oops there goes my tooth.

On the bright side, it doesn’t leave the nasty crumbs on your clothes, which can be a drag if you’re wearing black or velvet or both.

comfort food manila

The salsa is fabulously chunky and slightly on the sweet side—but not horribly Jollibee spaghetti sweet—just pleasantly semi sweet. The good thing about it is that it does not taste like it came from a can, which can be the rusty sour taste we’ve gotten used to. This salsa isn’t conducting any energy.

To quote my bro: it’s like mango. Right. Mango. Comfort food. Riiiiiiight. So smart.

Of course it would be quite embarrassing to leave as is. I know I’m stingy but since I was treating my brother, I should offer the courtesy of a secondary dish.

quezon city restaurant

And so we had the Gambas Pizza. More carbs, woot! The pizza crust is so remarkably thin, you will really need floss if you’re out on a date. Otherwise, who cares?

Crisp, slightly toasted but brimming with cheese, what’s desirable about this minimalist pizza is that the shrimps have that Chipotle flavor that goes well with the salsa. Actually it goes well with everything! Unfortunately with that much carbs in one meal, one can only eat this much—like at least 3 refills of that salsa.

restaurant up town center

The old people seemed to enjoy their flamboyantly presented meals, so did the backpacking baby and what seemed to be his dad’s flambé. Ours was a festive feast for 2, and even lacking a proper family, turned out to be an indulgent experience. 

Still do not know what I’ll be having the next time around – but surely, this calls for a next time. Like next week?

I had to have the Family Mart twirl-all-you-can Green Tea ice-cream to cap off that comfort lunch at U.P. Town Center—couldn’t think of anything else! Twirl-all-you-can! #IcanDIEnow #Socanyou


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