Foodgasm IV: Bring your own Appetite

March 2014 foodgasm mercato

Define Foodgasm.

It’s a rousing gastronomic fest and a scandalous food trip. A trip to taste heaven which you’ll always want more of—after that first bite.

 You can probably tell my excitement level has reached tsunami high. Well, not because of the outrageous connotations of the event name, but because I have been invited as a blogger-judge to the Foodgasm this 08 March 2014 at Mercato Centrale.

 Mercato taguig foodgasm event

Me and the imaginary gastro-gavel.

Imagine judging all 20-ish new and innovative dishes to be offered to Manila’s foodies and being instrumental in the fate of the Foodgasm Champion.

Imagine eating all evening, discussing sauces and seasoning, while snapping photos, and eating some more. Now that’s Foodgasm, huh.

 Foodgasm 4 Official Pubmat

This Foodgasm event will start from 6-11pm at Mercato, BGC. I know there are ticket prices and transpo considerations, but what you get is an evening of awesome food high. The best of the best competing for your palate. Ah, that’s the life!

Oh and the main organizer, UP Ecosoc, my previous neighboring org put up this video of the event, so check it out if you have the time.

And if you’re busy as a bee like this cat, then just remember 03.08.14 @ Mercato. That’s it!

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