Brasas de SM Aura

sm aura food court

Despite receiving an “Excellent” grade in Spanish throughout high school, all my classmates know that was a joke. So haha! Or better yet, jajaja! For the life of me, I would not survive in Spain, or New Mexico with my current diction, and my Spa-galog will not help feed me either.

 brasas latin american street food

Which will explain, why, when I read Brasas, the first thought that came to mind was of an “arm” (for brazo) and then “braces” (out of desperation). Discontent flooded my head and so to put an end to this seemingly infinite guessing game, I googled the damn term: Hot coals. Muerto.

 Brasas SM Aura

That’s why everything is grilled and involves a kind of barbecue set-up, plus the “Street Food” title giveaway. Whilst there were no real coals in SM Aura, which would be really amusing considering that it was the SM AURA PREMIER, there was that stir fry mechanism that was good enough, I suppose.

 Brasas Latin American Street food

I ordered the only thing that the diet would allow, which started off as difficult since a lot of terms involved carne, patacones, pulled pork and more carne, was salad—chicken salad specifically. Even the fries are topped with meat, so it’s salad or hunger for me!

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The chicken salad is topped with tortilla chips and carrots, and I opted for Cilantro Lime vinaigrette because it seemed to be the healthiest choice (over orange walnut and honey lime Dijon).  The dressing actually tastes like its name which was terrific because I love both cilantro and lime, so their combination makes it even better. Unfortunately it came in a wee serving, so I had to scrimp on the dressing, rather than slather and slurp, which I normally do on rare occasions when the dressing is fantastic!

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The chicken is supposed to be the “brasas” highlight, and it was in fact really tasty, smoky and quite plenty!

The flavor went well with the dressing and for its mediocre portion, was good enough for a hungry me. I’ve had other similar chicken-topped salads, but by far, this was surprisingly a decent choice for its price.

Not to mention after a sad experience with my Chicken Salad at Chihuahua for 2x the price, I’ve been quite down—so this new find has redeemed the chicken salads of Latin America! Ole!

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So for those who may find it difficult to find tables and seats in the regular SM Aura restaurants (damn you Yabu, Todd English, Ramen Nagi), do visit the generic food hall. It does not disappoint.

It has Sbarro, Four Fingers, Slice, Pepper Lunch, that Chinese dimsum place and yes, Brasas.

Find a comfy spot and let the Brasas warm your appetite, not your wallet.


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  1. that salad looks so frigging yummy! how much is that?

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