Ilocos Series: 1. The Sights

ilocos travel philippines

As a newbie tourist in Region 1, as part of my initiation, I had to climb rocks in flip flops, overtake tricycles en route to Pagudpud and bake in the Paoay sand dune sun. Taking quick photos was acquired in time, as well as reading maps for navigating purposes and differentiating the fat red line from the thin red lines!

ilocos sur first sundial

Sundial at Tagudin, Ilocos Sur

While I’m no travel blogger (Ilocos food trips in succeeding posts), best I can do is publish the awe inspiring and never-thought-I’d-see-these-in-the-Philippines sights and attractions. 

vigan philippines

ilocandia trips travel

Kapurpurawan Rock Formation

It’s a series of photos from the Ilocos Region, Philippines. And there are just instances, like now, that the pictures can suffice on their own.

Region 1 philippines

currimao ilocos norte

Currimao Fluvial Parade

currimao philippines

Currimao Rock Formation

This post is dedicated to nature’s bounties and the like, mostly rocks that really are more inspiring when viewed for real. Never been a fan of rocks and sand, but when you see them clumped together, bathed in the sunlight, in all odd shapes and angles, not one of these photos can really capture their scenic uniqueness.

kapupurawan rock philippines

Hermit Crab on Rock

philippines travel ilocandia

Kapurpurawan Rock Formation

Slanted rock formation ilocos

Looks like a jedi scene

And here is what seems to be “Middle Earth” in Ilocos. There already are windmills spotted in the Kapupurawan Rock Formation section. Rock and Windmill!

Still Middle earth amidst rock formation

Ilocos norte kapurpurawan

Burgos, Ilocos Norte’s own version of Middle Earth

Ilocos Windmills sand

Windmills Still

Ilocos Norte Windmill up close

Burgos, Ilocos norte

This rock in Pagudpud just stood out like a polo, the rock with a hole.

rock witha hole pagudpud

Pagudpud Rock and Hole!

Blue Lagoon

Rock Formation Philippines


Of course, I have to end with what seems to be the sport of the North – well actually anything involving the sand dunes.

When trying to be dauntless, the choice activity is driving around in an ATV with no supervision whatsoever.

Drive, get dirrrrrty and worry about the tan later because when in the dunes, you can only think of surviving!

Paoay Sand dunes bayad first

Paoay Sand DUnes Ilocos Norte

Paoay Sand dunes ilocos philippines

Best time to visit the Paoay Sand Dunes would be early morning or sunset. Any time in between, like what we did, will give you a tan of a lifetime!

Sand DUnes ATV Philippines


Paoay Sand Dunes Jimny


That’s it for this part. Stay tuned for more of the Ilocos Series!

Ilocos Series: 1. The Sights

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