Ilocos Series: 2. In the Brick of Time

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Ilocos Series #1 focused on Mother Nature and everything carved by the wind and sea; now it’s time to shine on the arts and artifacts and everything else unclassified.

 laoag attraction site


that onimous sinking bell tower ilocos

It is quite obvious that Ilocos, ostentatiously evidenced by Imelda’s fondness for the arts, is a hotpot for bricks, Baroque structures and grandiosity.

Aside from the usual empanada and sand, which are just stereotypically mainstream, the flair for bricks (redundancy intentional) cannot be ignored, as well as the towering belfry.

 ilocandia travel philippines

ilocos norte philippines

The awesome part of the journey is that I “heart” structures and Spanish-inspired architecture, and they are everywhere!

Laoag ilocos norte

I absolutely adore the Ilustrado era and wouldn’t mind reliving scenes of this period, of Elias and the like.

Of tsokolate-eh and the hope of getting invited for a tsokolate-aaaaah!

 Juan Luna Status in front of his house

Whilst I leave the rest sans the unnecessary text, worth a special (albeit biased) mention is the home of Juan Luna at Badoc, Ilocs Norte.

A gung-ho for this part of Philippine history, I very much enjoyed the tour of his (and General Luna’s, his brother) home.

Juan LUna House Badoc

Replicas of paintings adorn the house, not to mention a quarter size copy of the Spoliarium.

Juan Luna Spoliarium Ilocos

His self-portrait marks the first #selfie, while his code name Johnny Moon is to be tackled in the next food tripping blog post.

Juan Luna Self Portrait ilocos

Ah Senor Luna, what joy it was to traverse the steps and brick walls of your old abode. Surreal!

Juan Luna Bed

Juan Luna Badoc Kitchen

Churches are very much part of history and the Spanish dominance. They lord over the towns, but not as much as the belfry/bell towers!

Paoay Kumakaway

Paoay Church: Old Stone Marvel

Paoay Church Interior

Architectural rule of the north: belfry towers over the dominion, next is the church and everyone’s favorite prayle (friar).

Domeless bell tower church

Bacarra Church, Beside the Domeless Belfry

Domeless Bell Tower Ilocos

Beside the Dome-less

Tagudin ilocos sur fiesta 2014

Tagudin Town Fiesta

Tagudin Church

Inside the Tagudin Church, Ilocos Sur

Batac Church Ilocos Norte

Batac Church, Birthplace of Marcos

No such thing as wood in this brick laden society. Take that, big bad wolf!

Cape Bojeador Lighthouse from Afar

The Cape Bojeador Lighthouse would’ve been a break from the religious artifacts, but of all days, this was under construction.

And so best I could reach was the bottom of the stairs or just a view from below.

 Cape Bojeador Lighthouse Ilocos

ilocos cape bojeador lighthouse

Lighthouse cape bojeador philippines

 History and culture, showcased in the many marvelous attractions and structures in Ilocos, will always be my the best parts of travel.  

Malacanang of the North Ilocos

imelda marcos dress

MArcos Malacanang of the North

Still in Malacanang

Lazy Black cat travel ilocos

And a bit of bonus for the weary travelers.

laoag travel philippines

Laoag May Festival

philippine fiesta

This concludes the 2nd part of the Ilocos Series, which now brings me to the more exciting part of the trip. FOOD!

As a teaser, here’s the sundial souvenir in our first stop, Saramsam Ylocano Restaurant.. to be posted next!

Tagudin Sundial Souvenir

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  1. ohh how i’d love to visit the North and travel back in time. never been there i’m jealous! 🙂

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