KEEp on Eating: WEE NAM KEE

wee nam kee

For the longest time, I abstained from ordering Hainanese Chicken, having associated it with the “sick person’s food”. With bland memories of pallid chicken – steamed, bleached and taste-free – I feared investing in food that would remind me of the days I missed school.

trinoma hainanese restaurant

Now I wonder where I got the idea that Hainanese Chicken was like that, since it offers quite the opposite: exotically spiced, tender and palatably friendly.

Having Wee Nam Kee, right at the top floor of TriNoma certainly calls for more than a wee bit of excitement. I reckon it’s the only Hainanese place in the locale which makes it a top destination, so to speak. 

Hainanese restaurant quezon city


hainanese chicken quezon city

While Hainanese Delights is the more convenient-food court version (though no longer in TriNoma), I was delighted to learn that Wee Nam Kee’s Hainanese Chicken can be ordered in the steamed and roasted variants! That is, if you order the larger size. Don’t that that would be reasonably available for the plated meals.

Hainanese chicken trinoma wee nam kee

Imagine enjoying this chicken in 2 versions, with the smothering of Hainanese sauce-ginger!

It makes this eating experience twice more fun. I never thought that Hainanese Chicken would be curiously sweet, with a subtle hint of hoisin and secret spices that actually make it quite zesty sans the sauce.

Did I mention it was tender without being overbearingly soft?

Seafood Crispy Noodles Wee Nam Kee

While others would love to eat this with the traditional rice, of course I would go for my kind of carbs: Seafood Crispy Noodles!

Seafood crispy noodles are always a staple in these types of restaurants, and Wee Nam Kee is no exception. The generously topped noodles are the usual Chinese seafood fare, but sans the salty surprise. The flavor from the chicken was enough to carry over to the noodles to provide that consistently mild and comforting Hainanese experience.

Wee nam Kee Hainanese Chicken


It was comfort food enough, without having to go through the stereotype ramen craving, which can be denting to the pocket, if you know what I mean.

 Wee Nam Kee deserves its own line, albeit beside the competitive Yakimix. Now I know what I want, in case I get sick, and it does not involve soup and asparagus! 


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