Foodcourt Findings

For those on a budget or just too lazy to think, the #Foodcourt is just a gold mine for variety and cheap food, if you don’t mind the long lines and smoky hair scent. Yes I do like the occasional fresh-from-the-grill flavored shampoo.

I’m talking about the Glorietta Food Court which boasts of places like New Bombay, Pepper Lunch, Dulcelin, Gong ChaCheesecake Melliza, Sen Lek, World Chicken, and that Mongolian place – amongst others. It can get smoky and really crowded, but when you dine during off-peak hours and get to sit admiring the view behind the “G” of Glorietta, overlooking Glorietta 5, it’s actually scenic.

It might seem strange but my first Pepper Lunch experience was in the food court. The line was long and the pictures were stellar, so you know what that means: Let’s eat here! Of course with my dietary concerns, I could only order 10% of the entire selection, but that includes salmon and chicken, so consider it diverse enough. goodcourt glorietta

Pepper Lunch is perhaps targeted to people who like their plates hot with sizzling viand and hefty carbs. Other than that, there was barely flavor except for a dash of pepper, and even for a terrible cook as myself, am left to think that this is something easily replicated at home.

The salmon was all right, but those wee chicken slices have a lot more flavorful opportunities peeking underneath the oily stove.

And I did ask for a cup for my “saucy concoction”. I believe it was garlic + soy sauce = not much help. I leave Pepper Lunch to the hungry college boys.


On a separate occasion, when we were the first customers in Glorietta and happened to learn that the Food Court opens at 11 am, we were (un)fortunate to meet the opening of only a few tenants.

Sadly, only Palak Paneer and chicken curry were available in New Bombay, and the scene was not too enticing for someone who wanted cheese naan!

kakaw and veggies

Hence, we ended up where the old people were: El Presidente of Binondo. In short, food court Chinese food, with strong lighting and greasy aftertaste. And senior citizens – believe me – the cards were flying everywhere!

While I adore Binondo food, having speedy service in food court version was not too inspiring. The lemon chicken (no photo) was mango juice sweet, despite its huge serving. If properly heated, I may have eaten a bit more–but nothing can be done with that syrupy overcoat.

The assorted vegetables were all right though I spotted a few brown pechay leaves. Am guessing food court denizens are not receiving their required dose of greens!

dimsum el presidente binondo

Lastly, that beautiful dish of hakaw was undercooked! Being the first customers of the day has its drawback too!

Next time, leave the Binondo food trip in the actual Binondo!

As for New Bombay, open early!!


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3 responses to “Foodcourt Findings

  1. Hehe, Pepper Lunch is good – if not heavy on the pocket; but then again, they serve good fare so you get your money’s worth 🙂 (Here’s my take on that:

    About El Presidente…seriously? Damn, to think I wanted to review the place. 😦

    • Thanks for your comment!

      Re Pepper Lunch, maybe because I’m not a steak+rice person hence my sentiment. The table beside us though, happy family of 5! Not a grain of rice left! 🙂

      As for El Presidente, I know that it’s a Binondo fave. I think it’s because we were too early and the staff were still in zzz mode. Or maybe I ordered the wrong food 😦 Damn, I should’ve had that Fish Tofu!! Next time…

      • Speaking of El Presidente, I remember dining at their SM North EDSA branch before it closed down. Then apparently, I heard news that it was set to re-open at the lower floor; no more after that. 😦

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