Walk the Tuk Tuk

tuktuk bayani rd.

Bangkok-bound next week, I have had this string of Pad Thai cravings that deserve restraining. Still, I can never say no to hunger. Add in the word “noodle” and all senses evaporate and reach for the nearest fork.

Which is why we discovered Tuk Tuk, this neighborhood hole-in-the-wall Thai restaurant. Al fresco in its garage atmosphere, it sits along Bayani Ave., Taguig, beside the neighborhood carwash. There is something very Ong Bak with the scenario but I will save the Thai references until after our BKK debut.

The thing about Tuk Tuk is that I think it was originally meant to be a spa place, but the owner found inspiration in the grocery, cleaned up the garage space and Sawatdee ka, let’s set up a restaurant!

thai restaurant taguig

Another funny thing is that it reminds me of Moonleaf, with the cork board and post its written by happy diners and frequent patrons. From the post it notes, I learned that the beef curry is the bomb, the servings are huge, and that the red chicken curry is best eaten with rice! We ordered the last item; let us see.

tom yum tuk tuk

For a hot day bordering on some rain, we ordered Tom Yum Soup because we were under the impression it was Tom Yum Noodle Soup. Instead we just got spicy-sour tamarind soup and a couple of shrimps, good for an appetizer but by no means a full meal. It’s something reminiscent of a Knorr commercial, so it reminded me more of red sinigang than a Thai dish.

thai taguig where to eat

The Pad Thai, as described by the server, contains only squid and shrimp, and came in with a calamansi slice and chopped peanuts. Typical of a pad thai dish but let me clarify, ONE shrimp. The serving is good for a mediocre person and I’ve seen larger servings such as that of Sen Lek’s, which is way cheaper. The first bite was enveloped with such sweetness, I wondered if I scooped the sugar side. Nope. It was sweet all throughout. If it was ever meant to be a sweet-sour-salty kind of dish, the cook may have forgotten the other palates or he feels he has the mission to spread sweetness to the world. Or maybe it was the pad thai mix?

tuk tuk red curry chicken

The Red Chicken Curry was well awaited because I wanted to bathe the pad thai with curry sauce—and counter that sugary presence! Unfortunately we can conclude that the chef intended to slaughter the world with sweetness, and the curry was more of sweet coconut curry than Thai-spicy-curry. The chicken bits were all right but the dish was awkwardly served on a plate—than a bowl—so it may have been a long, winding trip from the kitchen. Maybe the green curry would’ve been more curri-fied? We’ll never know.pad thai kit landmark

So much expectations, but then again, it’s just a hole in the wall eatery, a neighborhood joint, for those who forgot to visit the grocery or are too lazy to cook.

If you have a hankering for legit pad thai, you know where else to go… on the side though, the Landmark grocery has this pad thai kit! Have your own pad thai fill and add in your choice ingredients (no more pesky peanuts for me) and never complain about awful noodles ever again!



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  1. Justin

    I haven’t tried Thai dish before, but I think it’s time to try them after I’ve read this post. 🙂

    Catering in Manila

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