The Perfect Pint (Or in my case, Shake)

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Misplaced and helplessly dry, I found myself trying to “conceal” my lack of liquor in The Perfect Pint (BGC). The name alone suggests what the place serves, and albeit there is an ice cream reference that perhaps only I could detect, The Perfect Pint is obviously more of a pub than a creamery.

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The placemat alone present a graphic process flow of beer drinking behavior and Beer 101 trivia. If I say my beer is stout and hoppy – you’d best nod your head and not laugh. And yes, there’s wheat as well. Look at that fiber potential.

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Being the strange one though, I ordered the closest thing to liquor that a no-beer drinker could possibly get her hands on, Grape Shake! It was gorgeously sweet with wee bits of grape peels floating all over the glass. It alternated as dessert as well, given the sugar fix.

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Of course the arrogant one who could not find the Arrogant Bastard Ale went for the next thing on the list: IPA / India Pale Ale. In that huge glass of frothy perfection, even Taco Tuesday becomes The Tuesday. The Katipunan Signal No. 1 looked more like coke float with coffee hints – not too much appeal for the arrogant ones.

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The Fish and Chips were deep fried and went with the unusual sauce pairing, what seemed to be thick ranch/sour cream. While it was no malt vinegar, it was a comforting dish, and if only the sauce came in unlimited ceramic spoons – then I would say, come back for more!

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The Buffalo Wings came with what we’d expect, bleu cheese on the side. This time, the bleu cheese consistency was watery, too thin to even coat the chicken. Oh and I almost forgot – it came with vegetable sticks – 3 minute carrot and celery sticks each! It wasn’t the best in the house, but looking at the pizza on the other table, hmmm.. I suppose the carbs might be the next hit!




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