Le Ching and Other Smart Street Food Snacks

Le ching too  menu

If you grew up hearing Le Ching over and over, either you were a Greenhills kid, a shopaholic or just always hungry!

chinese food greenhills

Le Ching has become so popular with the local crowd, it refused to change its 80s scheme and instead, expanded as Le Ching Too—which is pretty much straightforward, not too innovative but acceptable, nevertheless.

With its #tbt vibe, it reminds me of my Goldilocks uniform which I sordidly miss, and when Pancake House at the GF of Shoppesville was the height of cool.

le ching shoppesville

For the longest time, I have ordered the Wanton noodle soup—pre-diet days while the father relished those Pork Spare Ribs on rice. However due to deathly August 2014 circumstances, we ended up ordering the most unusual combination.

Le Ching Seafood Roll

Le Ching Tofu

Trying to be adventurous I ended up with Steam Tofu and Seafood Roll. The seafood roll is uncanny and interesting but not that filling which made the steam tofu, the hunger buster in this combo!

chinese restaurant shoppesville

Hardly is the case that I would spy congee on the dinner table, but here it is. Best on a rainy day—but not for a toothache, case in point.

Having posted quite enthusiastically the Binondo series (1 and 2), Le Ching still persists as a tough Greenhills competitor, but its lack of veggie-friendly dishes cannot assure my constant craving in the future.

Since this post is about Le Ching, I have decided to cram in other related streetfood-like experiences, since it would be ludicrously tiring to individually post them.

Pares Retiro visayas ave

saba con yelo pares retiro

Pares Retiro is in my nearby ‘hood, but make no make no mistake of walking alone at night on that “red” side of Visayas Ave. Still, the signage of Pares Retiro is so Westernly amiable, you’d consider this a shelter from the dark side.

Whilst I don’t eat meat, I managed a photo of the beef pares which is supposed to be the best (well the customers all looked happy—or drunk?), and the Saba con Yelo, which is the only thing my appetite could afford, was expectedly milky and sweet—but better with more banana saba!

Mini Stop is our office staple convenience store, so it’s time to get to know its dessert entrees. Skip the cone and go for the Cookies and Cream Sundae—cookies (not sure if it’s Oreo—oh wait, I don’t think so), chocolate syrup and vanilla swirly ice cream—the works. For P25, why must you scrimp on something this cheap?

Isaw Tiendesitas
My first isaw experience can be credited to Tiendesitas. Shame on me for being a UP student and having my first taste so far from home (and at this age)!

Still that wee bite was hilariously death defying—I am sorry, street food aficionados—I think I shall stick to fish balls next time! 🙂

Quezo de bola cheesecake Elias

Lastly is that “not-so-cheap” Quezo de Bola Cheesecake from Elias, Robinson’s Magnolia. At P200 a slice, I was expecting drool-worthy experience that would haunt my dreams, but this one just was so-so and not something I would crave in my cheesecake list.

Which makes me wonder, what makes a quezo de bola cheesecake desirable? Is it the sharp flavor of cheese or crusty base? I had both—but maybe, maybe just next, I should have tea perhaps? Only Sisa would know

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