Peanut Butter War: Powder vs. Creamy

peanutbutter tru nut review

Just to be clear: peanut butter goes best, if not only, on toast. I would rather not muss up its flavour by topping it on pancake, ice cream or a pretentious cookie.

Toast. Is. Enough.

pancake house

Pancake House’s Chocolate Marble is the prettiest swirly double trouble pancake there is. Loved the chocolate swirly thing; peanut butter was too much. You get my point.

Back to toast. To enliven my already lovely breakfast ensemble made mostly of Skippy Natural Creamy + Multigrain toast, curiosity came swooping one day at the grocery and made me reach out for Tru-Nut Maple flavoured powdered peanut butter.

peanutbutter tru-nut maplePowdered. Just add water. But what really made me reach out for this sneeze-causing agent was its dietary wonder: nearly 0 in sugar content and about 50 calories per tbsp. Awesome.

peanutbutter tru nut maple

The taste, well it was not as awesome.

It was bland (understandably) and watered down. It tasted synthetic and lost the “butter” from the PB which is what we live for. I also cheated by mixing it with Skippy, chocolate balls or banana (not at the same time).

Being lazy also, I hated the extra step of the mixing with water that reminded me of Cerelac!

peanutbutter tru nut skippy

And so, upon finishing my jar of Tru-Nut today, I have decided not to re-purchase, since I am not really on a diet, so there is no need to punish myself!

Also, Skippy is a lot cheaper.. so penny pincher loving, no-diet, creamy PB is the way to go for me. On toast. #peanutbutterforbreakfast

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