Do’s and Dohtonbori


DO say “Konnichiwa” to Maneko Neki and Daruma-san!

If you are lazy and blessed with non-cooking abilities like me, DO try Dohtonbori for that wonderful grilling experience.

I had my omelettes cooked by the waiter, which is part of their service for the lazy ones who refuse to get their pores steamed early in the day.

Our visit at Dohtonbori SM North was perfect timing–early enough to get front seats and before the noisy, lunch time crowd set it. DO sit where it suits your fancy; in our case, near the pitcher station, and since it was a steamy session with the grill, our tiny glasses had to be refilled a gazillion times.

DO order the Quattro Formaggi. The 4-cheese omelette is perfect for non meat eaters. It also offers that creamy and homey touch that makes you want to put your feet up and watch anime all day. Drizzle it will whatever sauce on your table, and it just gets better!
Omelette Yakisoba Dohtonbori

DO also order the Omelette Yakisoba. While it does have meat in it, I had ours cooked on the side. Ta-dah what we got was a meatless Yakisoba!

Cooking YakisobaPerfectly cooked and seasoned–it was all worth the wait! I drizzled all the condiments on our table and each bite just got better and better. The noodles were chewy and lent that texture needed for balance the omelette’s softness.

Mixing it with the Quattro Formaggi was also a good idea!


If you’re just into the omelette experience, you DO NOT need to try the Fried Calamari. The 9 squid pieces were just mediocre, heftily breaded and with a sauce that was nothing extraordinary. If you wish to splurge on the Dohtonbori experience, you’re better off with anything cooked on the grill!

Am planning the next visit–now that the rainy season’s begun and the pores won’t be as angry as Daruma-san =)


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