The ELYU (La Union) Conquest

lazy black cat goes surfing

With just one day in San Juan, La Union, we had to do everything we wanted in less than 24 hours!


First stop, Bahay na Bato or Kamay na Bato in Luna, La Union. Waze was super helpful to locate this Korean-inspired museum of stone sculptures bordering on the weird and “green”.

Of course my favorites were the strange little ones. Hey there.

Lunch was a Gefseis Greek Grill. Chicken and Lamb Souvlaki and Grilled Octopus!


The souvlakis were authentically tasty and mildly spicy. The grilled octopus was tinier than expected, but perfectly seasoned, so no complaints there.

Goes well with beer or yogurt shake on the menu. Perfect!

surfing la union urbiztondo

Highlight was a surfing lesson at the beach. At P400/hour, getting #stoked was well worth the bruises and salt water ingested.

If I get another vacation, it would be to surf all day!

Thanks to the DJI Spark for the awesome drone shots.

Dinner was at Se-bay simply because it was overlooking the sunset and sea. One by one, the surfers bade the waves goodbye. What a sight.

The food though – Chicken in a Basket and Sisig – not so much of a fill.

Breakfast. This one, I totally forgot. It was a colorfully painted cafeteria-like place along the national highway that served all sorts of “logs”.

You name it: tapsilog, bangsilog and longsilog on the photo. A perfect breakfast cap for the surfing weekend.

Will I come back? You betcha elyu! Just wait!

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