The Food, the Bad and the Ugly

If there’s anything that nourishes sloth, it’s food—well, junk food to be more precise. Despite its connotation to litter and all things that should be thrown away, junk food persists and continues to be every junkie’s daily sustenance.

The allure is inevitable. These junkyard goods are so vibrantly packed and filled with flavoring that we just can’t get enough of them. Breaking the habit is an inconceivable notion, and reading the nutrition facts is tiresome and just plain torture.

Let’s face it though—even among the junkie’s stash there is this hierarchy of the good, the bad and what’s just plain evil. Some modern creations now embrace the commonly seen (and promising) labels of “No trans fat”, “Sugar free”, “Low calorie”—and these are signs of minimizing the lethal junk from unadulterated junk food. Imagine enjoying your favorite potato chips with less sodium—now that’s good. Still, there are others that stay away from the nutrition radar and continue to feed us salt laden, saturated fat-filled munchies—the sinister snacks—and that’s just plain mean.

As strenuous as it may seem, it’s time to distinguish what to eat/drink from what should be tossed down the drain. We can’t let these nutritional outlaws escape from their unjust, unbearable and calorific servings. The snacking public has the right to know the basics in junk food enjoyment, and it starts here.

Grab a bag of popcorn (no butter, please) because it’s gonna be a long read.


If you find the site incomplete, it is. The list is ever growing and continuously updated. Can’t eat everything in one sitting, you know.

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