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The Village Tavern: That Scrummy Supper

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The Village Tavern is perhaps the closest thing to an Irish pub that I would find in this life—unless I manage to sneak into someone’s luggage to the United Kingdom, an idea I find rather feasible given my size. I have always envisioned the authentic pub as brick-layered, partly rustic, showing the occasional football game with screaming-jostling abound. A leprechaun or Ron Weasley might make a surprise visit but other than that, mugs clicking are the staple.

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The Village Tavern in BGC offers a different perspective to the classic pub theme, elevating the experience to high end, grandiose American, gastronomic experience. Perhaps relying entirely on the word Tavern is a misnomer worth welcoming, since focus on meticulously prepared food will find greater appreciation in a hunger stricken place like Manila. The meticulously prepared food also has a price, a bit too much of it. Let’s just say Ron Weasley would go all “Blimey!” once he reads the menu and might have to skimp on Butterbeer for a week.

restaurant taguig

The serving size ought to make up for the costly meals, but for those served for the solitary diner, best to credit presentation and restaurant lighting as contributing factors to the food cost.

bonifacio high street restaurant

The Tavern Nachos are the usual kind, glammed up a bit with monterey jack, cheddar, salsa, sour cream. Being the resident vegetarian, the beef was requested to be placed on the side—to which they obliged. There is nothing absolutely special to say about the nachos, since nachos are always exemplary unless topped with Kraft cheese, so as a default appetizer, nothing beats nachos. Except anything with mozzarella.

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The Onion Rings are probably the cheapest item in the menu, probably because they were more batter than onion. As an inexpensive siding, they were hmmm-kay. As a person allergic to oil, grease or trans fat, stay away.

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The Jalapeno Poppers are said to be the bestselling items in the menu, frequently favored by food bloggers or anyone who loves to get creamed and spiced up at the same time. Unfortunately, the bacon prevented me from digging in, but with the sour cream cheese and fried presence, these poppers find it impossible to be everyone’s favorite. Again I’d be bound to ditch this over something with mozzarella, or the nachos for that matter—and the meat eaters will agree.

j.anne gonzales food review

Another strange and fatty concoction of Chorizo and Cheese – not mine.

food trip bonifacio highstreet

The Flash Fried Calamari was a dash of seafood splendor. Albeit a small serving, the bite size pieces found themselves all over my salad and plate. They were cute to look at and left a lasting memory in my palate. They also disappeared in a jiffy – like a flash someone ate ’em all!

Taguig american comfort food

What I am grateful for is salad. Anywhere I go, salad is normally the safest choice. Having seen the Chicken Thai Salad served about 4 times since I got to The Village Tavern, it warranted an order – just for me! Maybe it was the towering greens or the wonton strips or the Asian allure. For me, it was the curiosity. A bit on the sweet side, but with cabbage, edamame and delectable chicken strips, this was worth the rare caloric fest.

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The Black Pizza is sadly not mine. Topped with meat and pepperoni, I can only stare and sniff. My, my, the black crust alone was drool-worthy so I needed a bite, at the very least! Look at those herbs; they were calling out to me!

Black Pizza Bonifacio global city

Good thing there was a meatless niche and graciously sliced for me. Ah yes, this cheesy chunk of black pizza was fantastic, chewy and teary-eyed yummy all throughout. Being a crust hater, this is one of those rare occasions I happily finished the crust. It was a mind boggling crus-terrific slice. I wish there will be vegetarian or seafood options for this one!

mussels cappellini seafood

The angel hair Mussels Cappellini is exotically named and brandished on a soup bowl. The pesto-white wine sauce complements the mussels but others, like myself, may find it on the sea-salty side. Perhaps my parmesan was uncalled for, or my palate is just unfamiliar with Chilean mussels, which is strongly the case. Pardon the seafood deficiency since my most extensive background hails from the overly bland cream dory. Overall though, the angel hair and soupy texture lighten the saline rush and we get a pure mussels madness—with all that iodine and zinc, we should be getting smarter, awright?

dessert lazy black cat

I Instagrammed my Double Decker Cheesecake, labeling it as death, or a welcome to it as such. Though double in layers, it could perhaps feed a family, a large one for that matter. The layers of Chocolate and Cheesecake make you forget that you are in a watering hole where drinks and friends are the reason for convening; with this giant slice in front of you, only the cheesecake matters. It’s brick of a cheesecake will make you forget even your BFFs, guaranteed a near sleepless night and will make you wish you didn’t order those jalapeno poppers instead.

vegetarian bonifacio restaurant

Trying to personify vegetarian in the dessert arena, ordering the Very Best Carrot Cake was imperative! The cream cheese icing was a tad too much after having a creamy salad, but a dollop here and there could be spared.

Chocolate torte lazy black cat

That St. Barths Chocolate Torte at the background was not to be messed with. Sweet through and through and only with the vanilla ice cream to counter the sugar kick, this was the devil in disguise. Good and evil on a plate. You ought to consider confessing after this uber-sweet-treat.

If there’s a reason to go back to the Village Tavern, it’s to eat all those blasted desserts. Big enough to feed a village—so that’s where the reference comes from, mate!

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Pinky Swear: Pinkerton Ice Cream

A taste of Pinkerton Ice Cream can be quite a life changing and mood altering experience, there is now a more sensible alternative to alcohol, herbs and the occasional punching bag. A dollop can get you out of that suicidal disposition, and as an added bonus, will elevate your foodie ranking to ultimate gourmand. Congratulations on this unexpected promotion.

Because after a taste of Pinkerton, you can’t view ice cream in the same unbiased and innocent manner. The commercial produce will forever be reduced to proletarian treats, while gourmet ice cream like Pinkerton, elevated to majestic snacking—thus dismissing Magnum and its royalty-inspired ad as pure disconnect.

Pinkterton Ice cream is homemade and fresh, and offers an assortment of crafty flavors, we will never turn back to plain vanilla or just mocha. Mile-long names are the new cookies and cream, and chocolate is slammed to the mental abyss. If I hear another Rocky Road, you’re in for that endless road of tasteless oblivion.

With Banana Nutella, Cake Batter with Sprinkles and Blueberry Cheesecake at the tip of the iceberg list, I lie not when I write that it took me a day to decide on my first buy. And a sleepless night counting sprinkles.

The Dynamic Duo for Depression

Eventually, I settled for Red Velvet (pardon the cliché, having dissed this flavor in earlier posts) and Carrot Cake with Honey Glazed Walnuts (a no-brainer for the carrot lover). While both may have intertwined flavors and cake bases, this has been resolved for my cake fantasies will never be laid to rest without sampling the two.

And so sweet and with an unmatched creaminess, the ice cream is superb. The cakes interspersed in the ice cream are just as divine and offer none of that inadequacy of the common chiffon. It makes me wonder which I like better, cake or ice cream—a conundrum best solved by just enjoying it collectively.

The carrot cake especially is mixed in greater proportion, it’s like eating cake infused with ice cream. Mild hints of cinnamon and honey bring a sense of comfort for the forlorn and the chunkiness of the walnut introduces that much needed crunch.

Pinkterton is something you bring home and savor in moments of dire, hair raising frustration, on forgotten birthdays and Gossip Girl marathons.

It can spice up any dull day when nothingness fills your schedule, and on the other side of the planner spectrum, the best way to wind down a traumatic day.

With other interesting flavors to complete the Pinkterton spectrum—like sorbet or organic honey—a next time is certainly mandated.

Friday night outs are off the list of stress busters since I like mine sweet, cold and best served at home. Nothing beats Pinkteron in this department, except maybe a rock concert.

But wait, I have been continuously blabbing about Pinkerton Ice Cream, I have not even given a background on this fabulous find. It’s a homemade ice cream brand produced by Xandra Rocha, made to order and picked up after a day or two. They make the ice cream upon order, so customized is a better way to put it.

When you see the list of flavors, I bid you a sleepless night as well.


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Carrot Craving: Part 2

So goes another carrot cake craving, and after the success with Parvati’s Sugar Free Carrot Cake, (https://lazyblackcat.wordpress.com/2011/08/20/the-carrot-craving/) I’ve been rather confident with other carrot delicacies served at Mercato Centrale.

While posing no health benefits (i.e. sugar free or low cal) other than containing carrot – which on its own should make it the “good” cake – the next slice goes to Med Chef’s Carrot Cake. If you were expecting something more exotic, organic or gourmet, well I’ve decided to go all-out mainstream so yes, Med Chef it is.

Med Chef Carrot Cake

Since it’s the first morning of 2012 and I just woke up, I’ve decided to be verbally nice.

Med Chef’s Carrot Cake will certainly be a treat to those who are anti carrot cake, since its overall flavor is cloaked in sweetness that it masks all that carrot-y taste that most people hate. There is a hint of cinnamon, but other than that, it’s sweet cake goodness that will surely make it as a mainstream favorite.

Being anti-mainstream (in short: anti-sugar + vegan), I’ve decided to pass up this bunny creation, since I would prefer frosting that is more cream cheese than sugary cream and carrot cake that is bland and carrot-y. 

My brother seemed to enjoy it though, being a carrot and cake lover, though he did leave 1/6 of the slice in the fridge. Oh well, maybe he left it for the Easter bunny.

Akemashite omedetou gozaimasu! 🙂

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