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Piece of Cake

cake dessert manila

Of course we know that nothing in life is just a piece of cake. Either it’s a box, a giant slice, a mouthful – but never a wee bite!

Turns out I’ve been hoarding photos in my phone (you hoarder!), which have never seen the light of day. Oh those calories! They need to be let out, to tease and to torture others, not just me!

And so here’s the cake collection as of late, a bit of gelato, but mainly sweets and those treats that keep you up at night.

Starbucks Classic Chocolate Cake: Always a classic, decadent and available. The best pick-me-up for doomsday. Isn’t that everyday?

Manila philippines best desserts

Starbucks Toffee Nut Slice: Invented that holiday name since I forgot its ultra long name that even the barista cannot remember. Cheap and not too sweet, Starbucks’ budget friendly response to the hungry Scrooge–that was me!

lazy black cat manila blog

2nd’s Frozen Hazelnut Cheesecake: Topped with a Ferrero ball, it gets creamier and creamier after every bite. More foamy than hazelnutty, feed only to the underweight.

2nd's Bonifacio global City

Village Tavern Carrot Cake: Oozing with cream cheese, the cake is carrot comfort saviour. Moist and chunky, rabbits will go wild and die of OD – on sugar. Good thing I’m more of a cat, you know.

dessert bonifacio highstreet

New Orleans Bourbon Street Mudpie: Zero ice cream, 100% cake.The sweetness level goes overboard so either have the beer or the cake; make no mistake of having both, especially on date night!

fort bonifacio bar dessert

Starbucks Guilt Free Cheesecake: Looks bland but the amusing layers offer vanilla, chocolate and oreo. For a sugar free creation, that’s quite a spectrum and a let’s-pretend-I’m-on-a-diet treat!

Sugar free cake

Caffe Ti Amo Waffle and Gelato: For an often-overlooked joint Caffe Ti Amo has become a haven for the hiding, criminals and anti-socials who linger in Greenbelt 5. The gelato is spectacular, simply because they offer Green Tea. That’s it. Oh, and they have a rocking chair. Beat that.

Greenbelt 5 dessert

makati food

That’s it for my recent phone uploads. It’s been a blast and I look forward to more leviathan servings of cakes this year–starting tomorrow!


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La Petite Camille: Vietnamese Fill

food blog manila philippines

Who’s Camille? Beats me. Might be the French inspiration of the place, after all La Petite Camille (Greenbelt 5) specializes in Vietnamese-French fusion, and not cupcakes as the name might suggest.

 lazy black cat review greenbelt

Sure the place is flooded with yellow and white furniture, a pleasant and proper domicile for those little Camilles, but the food is more of Vietnamese and where the heck is the French?!? Well as far as what we ordered, yep, it’s really Vietnam all over. No forks needed, just chopsticks (or hands) please.

I still question the French part, but with a fill of Vietnamese noodles, I had no time to process gastronomic fusion, nomenclature and whatnot and just had to dig in when the food came—or is it stab in?

 vegetarian food greenbelt makati

It’s funny how the appetizer, the Fresh Spring Rolls, came in last. The French influence is apparently absent in terms of the order of food service because they massively screwed up and served everything in reverse. Merde, eh?

Back to the Fresh Spring Rolls, because they came in last, we were already filled with the main dish noodles, and to spy more rice noodles popping from these carefully wrapped rolls was not too enticing. Still, with the hoisin sauce the rolls were made bearable. But having to shove that large a roll, when I was already full, was quite the challenge! If only they served that first, I’d have something better to write about.

 seafood restaurant makati

The Salt and Pepper Cuttlefish was served somewhere in the middle. I needed a few chunks before finally narrowing down its taste; it’s similar to the shrimp balls we eat in Chinise restaurants. You know that taste, right? Those awesome prawn balls that burst with crunchiness on the outside. That breading plus soft cuttlefish in the inside is La Petite Camille’s version. The sauce—we can do without. Better off with calamansi and soy sauce instead.

 Vitenamese French restaurant manila

The Stir Fried Rice Noodles with Chicken does not look appetizing but is greatly more delectable 10x over its looks. On the blander side—which greatly favors the health conscious—it’s got vegetables, egg and succulent chunks of chicken. A hungry person can finish a serving, which is what my brother did. Goes well with that cuttlefish for thatprawn-y flavor on the side.

 j.anne gonzales blog

Pad Thai with Prawns was the other noodle dish. With the same noodles and toppings (more or less), I had a difficult time differentiating the photo from the previous dish. Then I realized that this has a siding of nuts—which they graciously set aside rather than sprinkle on top!

Having requested a mildly spicy serving was a smart idea because I did not need a water fest so far from home. The Pad Thai is (expectedly) sweeter and more flavorsome than the Stir Fried noodles. While I adore Pad Thai, having the latter as comparison makes me go for the Stir Fried Rice Noodles. Think of it as a toned down version of Char Kway Teow. Not bad huh. Still, the Pad Thai is great and “al dente” and so French-approved.

 jenina gonzales blog food review

4 dishes and 2 diners—so it would be accurate to say that the meal came with a large bill! With no time (or money) for dessert, it was all right. The meal was ultimately filling and I remember the first bites of the noodles were interspersed with Mmmm and “I need to take a photo of this!” 

Still, if the appetizer came at its properly appointed time, I’d have been more satisfied and at ease. Imagine having Hoisin for dessert. Weird.

Or is that how they eat in France? Oui?

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Kenji Tei: Ramen Night!

Hontou ni? Ramen houses must hate me; what a sad way to treat the cat that came up with Ramen Night at Kenji Tei (Greenbelt 5).

greenbelt 5 ramen

With the prevalence of chashu and pork shio and all that animal fat, it seems that ramen night was not made for vegetarians. But still, I persist. I cannot end ramen night without enjoying a single noodle sliding down my throat.

makati japanese greenbelt jenina gonzales

And so after interrogating the waiter to the point of almost unearthing Kenji Tei’s soupy secret, we managed to come to an agreement without having to resort to yaki soba, which I pointed out is a big no-no.

Cold ramen. It is summer anyway.

The Hiyashi Chuka (Cold Ramen) with sesame miso dressing (Hiyashi Goma Miso) came with pork slices which I asked to be magically turned into more veggies. The result is a chilled half bowl topped with tamago, cucumber and tomato slices. The presentation was lackluster was the flavor was sublimely sour and perfectly meat-free. The noodles were firmly chewy and drenched in sesame-miso, was absolutely apt as a summer salad!

The cheese gyoza seemed to be quite a hit, though sadly its pork composition could not be managed, altered and totally removed. Ah well, it was interesting watching others delight in this fried delicacy. Other shots of the dinner.

lazy black cat japanese restaurant

Japanese Greenbelt 5

makati japanese food

And of course what inspired Ramen Night.*sigh* Itadakimasu!

jenina anne gonzales

Look at my birthday note! Arigatou, Miji-kun!

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Take a Chill Pill: Chili’s Bar and Grill

If you have not heard of Chili’s and its notoriously in-demand Bottomless Tostada Chips, then you have no business living, breathing and eating in Manila. The only way to battle the local buffets is to dine at Chili’s, gorge on an unlimited refill of chips and order a last batch, untainted and ready to-go. Such gluttonous yet hearty thoughtfulness can only be the basis of the common parental practice, the Pinoy pasalubong.

Now, if the chips remain crisp or if they survive long car rides home are questions only those gifted with the Filipino spirit of giving can answer and sad to say, will remain a mystery for this selfish cat.

Bottomless Tostada Chips

The bottomless chips isn’t the only draw to this restaurant sensational servings, as its Manila locations (Tomas Morato, Greenhills and Greenbelt) are conveniently scattered in neighborhoods with perfectly decent malls.

Best memories go to the Fajitas (Citrus Fire Chicken and Shrimp)  that are  worth every sizzle and pico de gallo, and only Ristras can come close to matching up with this Mexican feast. The Cajun Chicken Pasta is worth another mention, as it can attack post work hunger while complementing every salsa-laden bite of tostada chips.

Boneless Buffalo Chicken Salad

The Boneless Buffalo Chicken Salad has become a dieter’s (or trying to diet) meal steal, as it serves up the greens alongside tasty ranch dressing and bleu cheese crumbles. The salad and tostada chips are enough to create a hearty meal, and I discourage anyone for going for more carbs as this tasteful combo is enough to last you for the day.

Chicken Ranch Sandwich

Old Timer Burger

Bacon Burger

Not to be ignored, the sandwiches are leviathan in size and flavor: Chicken Ranch on wheat bread, Old-Timer and Bacon Burger. With fries on the side, these massive burgers can be a challenge to finish. I watched my brother swallow a mouthful of beef in disdain as he endeavored to finish every morsel, including the fries, and finish he did. Good boy. Now, to the nearest comfort room!

Even when dining out, the stress is just out there: the all-you-can-eat lines on the verge of food war, lousy servings at local restaurants and tasteless meals that try to pass off as gourmet.

What I hate the most are dressed up salad names that end up just being iceberg lettuce and mayo. The nerve! All the frenzy can just make you lose your appetite, and so I find solace in Chili’s where people can just, you know, chill.

And let those hyper waiter do all the stressing. After all, it is my theory that they are injected with Red Bull before every shift. Go figure.


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Classic Confections

There’s a generic ring to the name Classic Confections, which is why the Greenbelt 5 shop is oftentimes ignored, missed or simply forgotten, especially in a sea of fascinating branding like John and Yoko, Fely J’s, Krazy Garlik and even Pepper Steak.

“I want cake,” says my dessert hungry friend.

“There’s one in Greenbelt 5, a cake place.” I answer in glee.

“Really? Like that travel restaurant?”” she asks in uncertainty.

“No. It’s a cake place that starts with C, if that helps. Let’s just find it!”

Classic Confections is smacked in between the exciting culinary delights that Greenbelt 5 has to offer, and in its immaculately white interiors and child-safe door, it can be rather uninviting to the hungry folk. However, pressed with time and fearing the Starbucks line, it was Classic Confections or gelato.

If planning on a cake-cookie spree, then you’ve come to the right place. Each mini rounded slice is priced at least P200, except for Meline’s Chocolate Cake at P175. Each slice is perfectly presented and screams with sweet surprise. Torn between Chocolate Cake and Cheesecake, I went for the former simply because I could not pass up that rich of a chocolate icing.

Meline’s Chocolate Cake

Exemplifying the Chocolate cake cliché, I admit guilt to surrendering to this hoi polloi creation instead of pursuing the stranger kinds such as the Cheesecake Obsession or mousse. The big mound of chocolate was too tempting to give up, and once sliced it was a decision never to regret. Moist and rich but satisfying sweet, the cake was fantastic. If left alone, I could (and would) finish a slice in one sitting, licking my spoon in glee with no hint of regret or calorie counting.

Lemon Torte

While I refused to taste this lemony fellow for fear of getting creamed up right before bedtime (plus, it has cashews), I could see that those who sampled this delicacy were in pure ecstasy. Normally people intersperse gossip with chewing but the Lemon Torte was near extinction even before the real story swapping began. Amazing. But yes, too sweet as drinks were downed rather in haste as well. Now that’s one Happy Lemon.


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