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Shirataki’s the man

Shirataki miracle noodles healthy options lazy black cat

Having daydreamed a good portion of my eating life in honor of Shirataki noodles, it brings me great satisfaction to finally get ahold of these miracle noodles. The only downside is doing the cooking, on my own, but the Internet rewarded me with grandiose noodle ideas from cookies to mac and cheese, it would be very idiotic of me to burn anything in this case.

Shirataki noodles contain zero calories and everything else, it’s a shame to waste ink on printing the nutritional facts. Still FDA guidelines are necessary, and it is rather satisfying to see all those ZEROES.

What a fantastic creation.

When will they come up with desserts like these? There is a good ring to Frozen Matcha Shirataki.

shirataki noodles nutritional facts healthy options

Healthy Options’ Shirataki is made purely of the Konnyaku plant and has neither soy nor gluten.

Contrary to popular notions of Shirataki being slimy, gooey and fishy – which makes it so not right for Italian flavors – I found it rather on the neutral side. The slimy aspect is to be expected, but nothing a good stir fry cannot handle. In fact it works so well with stir-fry, it refuses to let go of its slippery texture, despite my inclination for overcooking noodles. Cheater.

The noodles maintain no innate flavor of its own, so it is recommended to season it with whatever flavor you fancy – in this case soy sauce and sesame oil. Best to also stir in other food complementing food items for a more solid texture such as vegetables or tofu and egg. 

shirataki noodles

Soy Sesame Shirataki Noodles by Lazy Black Cat

Should there be a next time (of course there will be, I have 2 more packs), other flavors/toppings of interest include tofu nuggets, chicken strips, chap chae, pesto, shiitake mushrooms or cheese powder.

I am rather dubious to bring in the Puttanesca, Ragu or anything with parmesan cheese – as much as want to. Maybe when they invent Wheat Shirataki, continental flavors would be more appropriate with the grittier texture.

And this ends my cooking segment. See you again in a decade! 🙂


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