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So you think you can cook: The Cook by Hongleepark

the cook review festival

First question: Who is Hongleepark? This question was never answered to this day, so any shout-out might help.

the cook by hongleepark

Second question: Does The Cook exist? Sadly this was not answered too. However I feel that The Cook was out on the day we ate.

Third question: How was the Bingsu? Isn’t that a popular Korean dessert? Now, I’m beginning to sound like a useless blogger. No. I did not try the Bingsu that day because I was so stuffed from the spaghetti.

Which brings me to what we ate, can we talk about these instead?

the cook additional salad

Additional Salad – The Cook named it this way so please let’s not question his naming authority. It’s got the essential salad components drizzled with homemade garlic dressing. The dressing was too light and tasteless, I had to pour parmesan cheese to give it more tang.

I suppose this is what you call a basic salad, and if I were to revisit, would order pizza instead. There’s way too much corn!

Seafood Olive Spaghetti – Described as spaghetti in olive oil with fried garlicky squid, shrimps and clams—I’d say the pasta was high on the seafood level and lacking again on the taste department.

Although on the latter half, I found the dish filled with shells and missing clams.. hmm..

the cook hongleepark festival alabang

Maybe we should’ve ordered the tomato-based pasta, since this is what the Koreans in the other table ordered and they seemed quite pleased with their lunch.

Ah well. We will be back for some Bingsu this summer! By then, we hope to know who The Cook is!


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Bros and Ho-Bing Korean Dessert

philippines bingsu

It was never about the Korean craze or the way first timers can easily mistaken this as hoe-pen.

When in Megamall, the number 1 rule (or goal) is to find the spot with the least number of people, and if you do, don’t think twice, grab that seat and eat!

And so we found Hobing Korean Dessert somewhere in the Fashion Hall, overlooking the center area without much patrons.  It was a dead cold spot, made even more frostbite-worthy by our 1 bingsu each rule. 

The Choco Cookie Bingsu is sure to give you the chocolate high to last you till Christmas. The smooth bingsu is what keeps you shoving for that sweet sensation.

dessert megamall

The Strawberry Bingsu was so delicately presented, I ate with the same premeditated and patient pace.

dessert megamall


In between were more strawberries, you just have to give a bow of appreciation to the creator of this berry delightful ice masterpiece.

manila bingsu where

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