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ROKU and Roll (Katipunan)

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While ramen houses are abound and everywhere, it is of life threatening importance to maintain a set of standards when slurping on these heavenly slivers of ramen noodles. Amen.

Never believe in promises like “home-made”, freshly made, delicious, authentic. Should you fall for the verbal trap, you have no one to blame but yourself.

Just because a bowl costs more than P300 does not equate to a premium item; oftentimes price is proportional to rent.

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Over boasting and trying too hard to seem Japanese-kawaii can be a double edged samurai. When your ramen comes without the zing, pang and kick, it’s hara-kiri for that ramen house.

And so we sentence hara-kiri for Roku (Katipunan). Overpriced, overkill yet simply mediocre, it was an expensive meal for trying to be authentic.

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In the lazy mood to write, the experience is best expressed as:

The ramen was bland, forgettable and abnormally bare. The tuna salad was speckled with carbs and onions—the word salad was nowhere to be enjoyed. The sushi rolls were zzzz. And the yakitori, I watched, as my cousin swallowed in disdain.

The ramen, in particular, was a disaster as the chicken karaage provided no pleasure whatsoever and the absence of other potential embellishments made this a last resort meal along the strip of Katipunan.

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And so Roku may mean six but did absolutely nothing for my ramen fix. I can’t believe I’m saying this but: Better off with Ramen X!

Oh and if you think Serenitea, post ramen, will address your woes, think again. I simply ended up with a very bad stomach.



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