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Cheap (and not so) Sightings

cheap food manila snacks treats

Some people aren’t really poor; they just go by other names like stingy, misers, self-serving, on a budget and my personal favorite, penny pinchers! We have to face the fact that not everybody has a lavish budget to soothe their gastronomic needs. There are other priorities in life, we get that.

Cleaning through my stuff, I realise I have my share of cheap sightings, worth taking photos (and keeping for a very long time). There are a few pricey grub, but they were all one-time meal,s so none were written about and just used up precious Android memory space.

 So here’s a collection of the cheap and not-too cheap foodstuff that managed a smile on my face and oh-so shallow pockets!

Here’s to penny pinching and more to come!

ice cream oreo dessert

Forget BLT and Reuben. Oreo + DQ = The Sandwich.

greenbelt frozen yogurt

Red Mango Green Tea Parfait has everything perfect in it, on it and is just it!

spaghetti factory food italian glorietta

When in a hurry, Spaghetti Factory can be a so-so lunchy.

tuna dill melt

Starbucks tuna dill melt is so lenten friendly, you can be a sinner for lusting over it.

J.Anne Gonzales Blondie Bar

Sonja’s Blondie Bar is far from dumb. It’s… black, white and to die for!
dessert chocolate cake

Cafe Mary Grace Chocolate Cake: Php100 with change and that awesome filling

bon chon chicken manila

Unbeatable BonChon Chicken Chops and Chap Chae Korean combo

sweet coffee starbucks

Starbucks Asian Dolce Latte: Sweet, sweet and just sweeeeeeet!

philippines taco bell

Ti Amo Taco Bell. Who doesn’t?

american food manila

Chili’s Appetizer Sampler: Best served with good lighting and endless chatting!

seafood pesto sandwich guy

The Sandwich Guy Seafood Pesto: You will regret being a slow eater.. like me!

jamba juice healthy snacks

Jamba Juice Steel Cut Oat:s: The reason why my fridge now has 3 kinds of oats

tea starbucks yummy

Hands down, the best reward in life is Starbucks Green Tea Frap, Grande without Whipped Cream for my forever misspelled name. Purrfect.

subway philippines tuna

Subway with Tuna and mustard is just the best anti-stress lunch, next to green tea frap.

S&R ice cream tillamook

Tillamook Mudslide makes me forget gelato and vegans exists. I love moo!!!

seafood ramen x centris

The only seafood ramen I can eat: Spicy Chikuwa Ramen. Red not because of #filter but because it’s a fiery pit of chili. Sit beside a firehouse. Be safe.

fruit shake manila

Last but not the least, Jamba Juice is love, lust and life in one. Acai Supercharger for sad days, Orange A-Peel for sick days and Banana Berry any day!

Now that I mention it, not everything is cheap or awesome discoveries. Heck, I just unloaded my memory on this post for random sightings.

Promise the next post will be more… educational and relevant. Yeah right.


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Starbucks Asian Dolce Latte + Classic Tuna Dill Melt

starbucks landmark

Coffee may be made up of beans (aka plants, Mother Nature’s ill begotten son) but that doesn’t make me a coffee connoisseur. If any, I am the anti-thesis of a cup of joe (bitchy and bland), which makes my non possession of the most coveted Starbucks planner my secret pride.

starbucks coffee manila

How I ended up with the newly introduced Starbucks Asian Dolce Latte is a long story filled with tardiness run-ins, barista showdowns and arm balancing acts. Quite adventurous but not worth the narration.

To cut this epic short, I found a coupon for a buy-one-take-one Asian Dolce Latte redeemable at the Trinoma branches and since the Bakemon has been triggering my insomnia, this was just perfect.

Let me explain the complexity of the drink: Asian because it is being launched only in Asia, Dolce for this sweet milk concoction that was made for the Asian taste (except me because I hate sweet) and Latte because of the milk composition—non fat thank you very much. The Asian part is stressed because the espresso shots are double the amount because Asians need to perk up because we tend to rise early and work hard. Of course that was a joke because as far as I know, I’m one heck of a lazy cat and no amount of caffeine will turn me into a powerhouse employee of the month.

To properly assess the drink, I only have a line to impart: A strong dose of rich coffee coupled with the sweet velvety and creamy milk close to condensed; it is best paired with eggs or plain toast in the morning. That’s what I think, though I paired mine with a hefty tuna-cheese-lettuce-egg sandwich on wheat with loads of mustard. Perfection.

starbucks to go

Of course being the usual sadist to myself, I ordered my Asian Dolce Latte in reduced form because I feared the cream would cause a sensation in the toilet. So here’s what I really ordered (customized), but to enjoy this unadulterated, do not ever copy me:

One grande iced Asian Dolce Latte, no whipped cream, half the dolce for the 100% lazy J.Anne, to go!

Will I ever buy this drink again? Maybe if a coupon magically finds itself in my back pocket. But if say, magic isn’t for real (it is, right?), then I’d best off use my P160 for the Starbucks Classic Tuna Dill Melt.

tuna dill melt sandwich manila

I warn you though that the Classic Tuna Dill Melt is not for everyone, especially those who hate boiled egg!

classic tuna dill melt philippines

 That killer sandwich on what tasted like rye bread contains tuna dill salad, egg, cheese inside and mozzarella cheese on top (flavored with paprika). For me, this is Lenten Friday protein salvation for the suffering. It beats the grilled cheese sandwich when I’m looking for that “something else” inside and the egg-cheese combination makes its properly filling.

For those who can’t stand the sight (and taste) of that hardboiled egg yolk, give it to me instead!

I promise to pray for you in return.

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Nuts About Soy Butter

There was a time when peanut butter was banned entry in our fridge because it triggered the rise of our adolescent bestie, the zit. Poor Peter Pan and Jif had to live a life of neglect along with the vegetables, as we favored cheese and eggs for our sandwiches.

Lately though, Peanut Butter has slowly been making its way back in our sandwiches, being protein-deprived most of the time. Lounging around the supermarket aisles and reading nutritional labels of peanut butter brands gave me a pretty clear direction on future purchases.

Actually, the peanut butter mantra is rather simple (I apologize in advance for committing treason):

  •  NO to local brands, unless you want a weekly visit to the dentist (and we do admit that an annual visit is already a pain).
  • As for foreign commercial brands, NO to Goober and my childhood sweetheart, Peter Pan.
  • YES to Skippy Natural (the one with “no need to stir” printed).
  • YES to Laura Scudder Organic Peanut Butter (love)!
  • MAYBE to PB Co. Dark Chocolate and Green Tea Peanut Butter because they’re new and I only bought them because they’re so kawai and cheap!
  • Last but not the least, NEVER to crunchy peanut butter! Damn, you make chewing such a difficult task!

I.M. Healthy SoyNut Butter and Skippy Natural

By default, the calories and fat level of peanut butter are normally high, so for those seeking a “healthier” option, go for an ingredient list that shows mainly Roasted Peanuts, as is the case for organic brands like Laura Scudder.

In the supermarket though, I’ve found that Skippy Natural already presents the least damaging nutritional data with 190 calories, 18% Saturated Fat and 3g sugar for every 2 tablespoons. That serving isn’t particularly diet-variety, so you can probably imagine that what to expect from other brands: flab or an early death.

Healthy Options, the store, provides other ” nut butter” categories that are health-friendly but on the budget-averse side. Seriously, I am still in the process of saving up for the almond butter, which costs as much as a facial (see why I’m torn) so I’ve settled for an interesting alternative: SoyNut Butter.

I.M. Healthy Soy Nut Butter has a dubious sound to its name and blue jar but with 170 calories, 8% saturated fat and 3g sugar for 2 tablespoons and without a speck of NUT, it’s an adolescent’s dream cream. Soybeans replace the nuts, so the protein content isn’t compromised. For anti-nuts, pimply kids or soy aficionados, here’s the sandwich spread we’ve been looking for (I’m the anti-nut, soy aficionado).

(Left) I.M. Healthy and (R) Skippy Natural

I.M. Healthy Soy Butter, Peanut-Free!

Don’t expect it to taste like peanut because it’s soy. The soy butter resembles the texture, color and overall “feel” of peanut butter but with hints of the soy flavor.

Don’t know what this “soy flavor” I’m talking about? Think soy milk or taho (for the Pinoys) and incorporate that taste with peanut butter.

Weird? Not really, my stash is half empty already.

Whether it’s peanut butter or soy or even to-die-for almond butter, what’s important is that every jar contains mainly these nuts or soybeans and less of the non essentials (like sugar, salt and other ingredient we more than 3 syllables). Even if I did look like a fool reading every jar in the grocery, I’m glad I found what I wanted: Skippy Natural and I.M Healthy Soy Butter. 

Glad to have you in my fridge. Now if only we can keep you long enough.

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