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I Scream! #icecreamfordinner


For a string of lonesome weeks, I had #dessertfordinner and #icecreamfordinner on Friday nights.

My night cap and stress killer and tear-catcher, the shoulder to cry on and the punching bag to abuse with my profanity—that was ice cream!

And so Ice Cream Nights was formed. Yes, I did scream for ice cream—scream so loud, getting a sore throat was imminent, but I do not care.

It was fattening and an act of gluttony, especially if I had dinner #2 at home, but #dessertfordinner was the Friday norm.

In St. Marc Café, two visits were warranted since I went through a “cone” phase. For some reason, I dreamt of waffle cones and detested plastic cups!


The Rikyu was fine since it came with a side scoop of matcha ice cream. At the bottom of the cone was the excellent surprise of frosted flakes! Of course they were too sweet the first time around, so make sure you have access to water before you burst into chatter, laughter or near-death choking fits.


Madonna came next and was bathed in frozen chunks of strawberries and chocolate syrup. The strawberries were fine but my hangry side wanted more oomph and juice, and the chocolate syrup tasted like Hershey Brown Cow—making the cone really sticky that I felt like a 5-year old!

Not sure if I was more stressed than usual because I finished the cone even before we reached the end of the parking lot. This is the part where I eat at home again.

Oh Madonna, you small and sticky, girl!


Rita’s Italian Ice is a Greenhills favorite, but I really am not fond of the “ice”. Love the custard, hate the ice. Hence, I had to order the custard swirl sundae cone.

Too embarrassed to walk around licking a large cone, I had it inverted on a cup “to go”. Lovely. Just look at it!

It took so long to finish in the car, we were nearly halfway through EDSA northbound. Worth every lick! Haha!

Last but not the least is the newly opened Honey Crème in Trinoma. Found at the GF near Gourdo’s, it’s so new, the aircon doesn’t even seem to be working yet (or not even installed? Haha).

I had it to-go but in reality, there’s no to-go plan or cover or paperbag, so it really seems that I was just talking to myself.


The guy who concocted my Organic Multi Grain Cup did not seem like an enthusiastic creator and left me as I was asking about the “take out” method. Hmm.. I guess they want us to eat it in their Purgatory tables. I ate it while walking and tried not to finish it before reaching the parking lot again!

It was a tiny cup for P175! The grains were supposed to be a mixture of health seeds and nuts but all I could detect was polvoron-like sesame grains and honey.

It was okay, but it was too damn small for its price. When I got home, I ate a big bowl of salad with Doritos. Hunger not solved!

That’s it for Ice Cream Nights! My next target is BLK 513 at Megamall, which is likely to happen in 2017 given the traffic and mayhem. Anyway, there’s Rita’s Italian Ice in UP Town Center in case of emergency and Jamba Juice in Trinoma has a new peanut butter banana split—will do for now.





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Don’t Chicken out on Peri-Peri (Peri-Peri Charcoal Chicken)


It’s charcoal-grilled, purportedly trimmed of fat and bursting with Portuguese spicy love—that’s Peri-peri Charcoal Chicken in a nutshell, so to speak.

Lured to this place out of pure hunger, the SM Annex branch was conveniently situated, when my languor finally gave in and proposed a healthier alternative to adjacent Wendy’s. Chicken lovers can rejoice with the menu filled with chicken dishes from salads, entrees, wraps, sandwiches, pasta and of course, the Filipino staple, platters and combo meals.

 The Platters (A, B, C) seem to be making it big, eliminating the need to decide on a 3-course meal, being budget friendly and as a bonus, offering the P49 beverage and soup-all-you-want. With tables basically littered with messy soup bowls, espresso and tea cups, the Platter + P49 Beverage-Soup-Special seems to be the popular family choice. Despite the average soup concoction and less-than-sweet juice, it’s still quite the deal, as testified by the filled up tables and endlessly clanking soup bowls.


Platter C (P175) includes chicken, Caesar salad and Bolognese spaghetti. The Chicken is of course, seamlessly grilled, being the main core offering and pride of the place. Mildly yet still entertainingly spicy, the chicken is tender and soft and goes well as an entrée, sandwich center or topping. The Bolognese, on the other hand, appeared rather anemic and seemed to spoil the chicken’s dashing entrance. Good thing the salad made up for this climactic arrival.

The Chicken Salad (P265 to share) came in a large platter with 2 side dressings: ranch and barbecue sauce. The menu description boasts of a salad with a Mexican twist, complete with tortilla chips, jicama, tomatoes and that zesty zing. The serving is good enough for two, but don’t plan on making it your only meal. The tortilla chips were near absent and the ranch dressing resembled more of a mayo magic condiment rather than the creamy sour cream that would go well with barbecue sauce. Going solo with the barbecue sauce though, the salad becomes a sweet and spicy affair topped with enough grilled chicken to fill that meat craving.


The Chicken Rappa (P145) is an excellent choice for those who prefer a lighter meal. Pita wrappers are usually a central complaint because of their poor quality/heating, but Peri-Peri’s whole wheat pita is properly cooked yet still soft and chewy. The wrap is packed with thinly sliced lettuce and chicken and slathered with ranch—a little on the bland side. Served on the side are French Fries so thick and spiced up, the name Peri-Peri would never go to shame in terms of fill and spiciness level.

Peri-peri Charcoal Chicken manages to grill its poultry to its spicy perfection, while managing to court the wallets of its thrifty patrons. While some portions could appear so-so to the hungry and gourmet seekers, it’s fast, festive and well, frugally appealing.

If you come across this place, don’t chicken out! After all, it’s just Peri-peri chicken!


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It’s Cha Time! (Chatime @ SM North)

Chatime Philippines Jenina Gonzales
There was a time when Happy Lemon single-handedly reigned supreme among the Taiwan-based Manila milk tea joints. Sure we’ve got Serenitea, Kozui and Quickly but they seem clumped in the Greenhills area, quite a distance from the Northern clique. It’s not that I hate going to Greenhills, it’s just that a weekly spree in the area (as much as I love it) can cause quite a dent in my pocket, and a very shallow pocket I have at the moment.

At this time of economic and tea deprivation, a lifesaver finally brews at SM North EDSA. Chatime, properly situated near the entrance of the Sky Dome and just a short walking distance from TriNoma is finally open and ready to dish out our favorite tea drinks!

Craving for taro milk tea or something more exotic like a passion fruit green tea brew—Chatime’s exhaustive menu listing is enough to compete with Happy Lemon, sans the fancy sounding names. Not only can we adjust the sugar settings (100%, 75%, 50%, 30% and zero), we can also choose how much ice to place in our drinks! Pretty neat, considering that half the population is nursing either a sore throat or a cold on account of the monsoon season. 




Always a first choice, I mindlessly selected the Matcha Mousse (large, 50% sugar, 70% ice with P15 pudding = P110), while my brother went for the Oolong Tea Mousse (large, 50% sugar, 70% ice with P15 pudding = P105). Call it sibling revelry, even if for a day. I was first expecting a frap-like concoction, judging from the name “mousse” which ought to have been a no-brainer, but what was served was a gigantic glass of frothy whipped tea swimming with awesome pudding.

At P95, large is well, an abysmal treat for any tea lover. Blending well with matcha or oolong tea, the pudding’s mild sweetness complements the tea’s delicate bitter taste (we did choose 50% – and no regrets, whatsoever).


The mousse-froth, as it turns out, is Chatime’s version of the Rock Salt and Cheese of Happy Lemon. The result is a delirious mix of flavors that makes one brilliant, flavorful and gigantic tea drink. Next time (I suppose there definitely will be one), I will try out the 30% sugar, so that I can enjoy more of the “tea” and its kick and less of the sweetness (aka calories).

At a more affordable price than Happy Lemon, a more convenient location than Serenitea and a premium tea selection compared to Quickly (and other cheap milk tea joints), Northern dwellers ought to make time for Chatime. The walk from TriNoma (should you park there like we do) may be quite tedious, but rest assured, the trip home would be on Froth 9.

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